Railgun - MGS4

This is the railgun from Metal Gear Solid 4. The textures and model are pretty low-res, but I did what I could to do them justice.

Bodygroups for the scope and rails. The scope also has an rt camera version.
Skingroups for the glowing buttons.

The rails, scope, bolt(?), and trigger are rigged to bones for posing.

Before you ask, it is properly scaled, it’s just a BFG.



**Includes: **

Download links:
Gmod Workshop
SFM Workshop

**Bugs: **
There’s some smoothing issues here and there, some of the models original smoothing did not survive the rip.

**Credits: **
Kojima Productions: Model and textures
devilsnake88: Rip
Lt_Commander: Port


I realize I didn’t make a thread for the camera I ported from the same game, so here’s that too:

This is a DSLR Camera model from Metal Gear Solid 4. It’s a non-branded design based off of the Nikon D7000 series, best I can tell.

There’s skingroups for the body color and bodygroups for the lens/screen RTcam on/off + lens hood and lens bodygroups. If you’re going like full micro accuracy, there’s bones for the camera mode dial, the on/off dial, and I did some quick and dirty modeling so you can zoom the lens by pulling the front out of the body.

Materials are functional, but the cool part is the glass - the original mesh had a great setup for mutli-coated reflections, so it looks pretty boss if you capture a reflection probe or lights just right.



**Includes: **

Gmod Workshop
SFM Workshop
Bugs: **
There’s some smoothing issues, but nothing show stopping.
The lens grip ring isn’t parented to the lens, so if you’re going to move the lens, be sure to parent the ring to it first.

**Credits: **
Kojima Productions: Model and textures
huzzel: rip
Lt_Commander: Port

I’ve wanted railgun ever since devilsnake posted raw models.

Pretty good.

bigg gunne

Big Gun don’t make a Big Man Xana.

In any case, very nice work Lt_C!

Awesome work man. Say, I have been looking into porting mgs4 weapons for a while, tell me, where exactly are most of the weapons stored in the game files? I parsed through dozens and only found a few.
And, if you wouldn’t mind, might I use your camera port as a scaling reference?

I’ve just been doing the ‘port to source’ part of these, with the raw files being handed to me for finishing.

You’re welcome to use the camera as a scale reference, I scaled it against the measurements of its real world counterpart.

Ah, I see. Did you get the models from another user or a repository?

The camera model was posted in a request thread. The rifle was given to me by a user; I’m not sure but I think it’s the same file that was posted in the MGS5 thread.


yeah I gave Lt_C the railgun from the MGS5 thread. if I failed to pass along the proper credits. I fucked up. I was suprised I found it at all in there and didnt think to look at who posted it. for fear the dl might dissappear or something (I’vebeen lookin for it for a looong time)

Alright then, thanks for the info, I’ll look up the game files and see what I find.

Yep. that’s the one. I added you to the credits :slight_smile: