Railings! Good ones!

I suck at making them, always have. I don’t know how people align stuff properly but I can’t ever get it right.

I’ve tried props and crap but it’s always at a strange angle.

I have a staircase here, and skewing a railing makes it look like this (where theres gaps between each stair)


What’s a good way of making a railing follow your staircase?


Fixed it without models. There was a texture for the diagonal one, took a bit of figuring out on how to do but it worked.


thats a rather low railing, or it could be my eyes disceiving me.

I don’t really know what else to do…

Firegod doesn’t really help by just saying “Models”, because like I said in my first post, it’s hard to align a staircase with the stairs.

Well im not saying it doesn’t look good. But as you can see there is a full oval in the railing above. yet the side railing only contains half of it. Perhaps strech it up a bit?

I was saying model some railing.

What about that displacement method that someone posted in the pimpage thread a while ago.

Link, s’il vous plait? Sounds interesting.

I think that the stairs are just too wide.

http://www.facepunch.com/threads/820489-Tutorial-Displacements-and-Subdivision?highlight=subdivision ?

That’s not it.

Basically you make a wall into a displacement and move the vertices down so it’s slanted.

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Make your stairs properly, there’s a texture for the dimensions they should be.

8x12 each step I think, and it should line up right. Those stairs look off.

I make my steps 16 units tall and 24 units deep.

Or just use the Clipping Tool or Vertex Manipulation Tool

seems the vertex tool can manage this, then again i never had a need to do things like spiral staircases and such.

what firegod maybe means is use propper to make your handrails into props

Make the rails higher and your good