I can’t find any tutorials for this so…

I want to create metal rails on a balcony for my map, but none of the models I can find work. I also need to find metal rails for my stairs. What is a good way to make hand railings for paths and stairs?

prop_static and, what do you mean the models dont work?

Yeah I tried using prop_static, but I mean the models don’t fit.

Brush based railings won’t look very nice, there’s a ton of hand railing models in the source games, was going to suggest using a displacements and then using subdivide to create the rounded effect of a hand railing but I can imagine that going badly 0.o



Make them as model.

Haha, as I expected, yeah, just get into 3DS Max and model them, won’t take that long.

you could try a prop_dynamic or prop_physics with motion disabled instaed.
or make it from a few brushes.

I tried making a rail with one brush and it just ended up looking screwed up, is there a better way to make a brush based rail?

Also, I have no idea how to model.

did you try editing the texture?it looks fine if you put a railing texture on the sides and just plain metal on the top and other sides.

Alright, I got the straight rails done. But now I’m up to the brush based stairs, I’m having serious problems trying to not make them look retarded.


make the stairs 4 high, 32 wide, 8 long and copy paste.

then make a block on both sides and clip it in the right shape, as side supports

When in doubt, block out the stairs around the handrails. It will ensure they always fit together.

Failing that, you can always make an easy brush based one and func_detail it.