Railroad gun and Super-Heavy Tank

Pretty basic stuff, both very server friendly.

Railroad gun, windage is aimed by moving the cannon carriage around the circlular track, like the real thing.

Top view, with purty ACF shells in a bin. Bin contains an ACF medium ammo box for realistic explosion if shot.

Ammo dump. Contains two large ACF ammo boxs, so massive boom of you shoot it with an ACF weapon.

Side view

Super heavy tank thing. All but impervious to ACF damage from the front and sides, but the rear is super weak (75mm can penetrate) and a single good hit to the rear plate can take the whole tank out (as the ammo box is right there) Its also disadvantaged by its speed and lack of rotating weapons. Very good if paired with a lighter, more manuverable tank.

Weak side

Size comp. Its pretty large, and is really slow.

Cock-pit view

rate n’ hate mmmkay.

I don’t know what to say… I, I love you =O
And cool tank like the stairs. Does the turret move up and down?

Just the cannons elevate. The “Turret” doesnt move at all.

It’s me Syndicate from the Sax US server, I remember us all blowing the tank up XD. Oh here’s a gaybow.

The only thing left after the inital barrage was the base and like 5 wheels D:

Have a funny.

Where do you guys get acf? I heard it was on sax’s but It never shows up in my tool list. Nice stuff btw. how accurate is the railroad gun?

it’s pretty small for a railroad gun. and the turret should move. :v

It was originally larger and had little extra details (faux shell crane, ladders, a little ammo carrier train) but I wanted it to be a bit more server friendly. I may make a larger one that doesnt skimp on the details quite as much.


As accurate as its operator. It has a reeeeally slowly elevating cannon, and the windage takes forever to adjust, so you can fine tune the aim to hit one point pretty easily.

Average, bit boxy, needs less phx, tank looks like shit

While not being too bad, the cannon could use MUCH more detail. If you parent it on, it won’t cause lag! On the tank, same thing, could probably use more detail.

Both look good, but ditch the “stairs” on the back of the tank. Nice work.

There goes originality e__e
My next tank will have an elevator to the gunner seat


im rely liking that train gun…tis FEPIC