rain and animal clipping

Are there any plans to stop rain and animals clipping through bases? You dont get wet while in your base, but you do see the rain falling through, even in caves. The occasional drip/leak would be cool and authentic, but its currently like there is no cover at all. And animals, well, if you are sleeping on the ground floor, good luck!

The rust environment is pretty sweet…I mean, who doesn’t stop to watch the sunset occasionally?..and I know there are bigger things to work on, but little things like these are details that take away from the experience…even if it is only on a subconscious level.

The rain clipping came into the game the same time the animation was updated so I imagine it will be fixed relatively soon. It’s not very efficient to hop around your game changing features, leaving them broken as you go along.

It’s unlikely animals will get fixed, but I haven’t seen the issue ever addressed to I couldn’t tell ya. They would probably get re-implemented before they get fixed lol

well the reason why they don’t get fixed may be that they keep changing the game over and over so they may be waiting till the game gets more stable so they dont have to keep fixing them over and over perhaps

OR… It makes Garry smile watch us run for our lives like little girls from super bears from outer fucking space that don’t even give a fuck.
We shot a rocket at a bear. It killed us all! 3 geared guys… One rockert and a handful of rounds.