rain enable / disable or movement?

hi guyz n girls !

question: is there a way to either aktivate / deaktivate a “func_precipitation” ?
to move it around would do this as well!

i tried to parent it to a func_brush, and enable the func brush, doesnt work.
i tried to parent it to a func_tracktrain and move it to the destination i want the rain to be, doesnt work.

by the way, i want it to start raining, not to be raining all the time.



I was trying to do the exact same thing a long time ago. The only map I know of that does this is rp_amsterville.

ok thanks, i ll check it out, maybe i find a decompiled version,…

so in this case you didnt have success to do so ?

I ended up using the particle system alternative to func_precipitation, since it was a fixed size it wasn’t as useful as I had hoped.

Could you clear this up? What exactly are you saying? You want to activate/deactivate movement with rain?

ah ok, but you could turn it on / off ?
i would also be happy if the rain starts from 0 and slowly progresses… but that would do it for me if nothing else works…
cant stand the cvar msg :frowning:

hey Adam, no, i have one spot in the map where it rains (ok thats easy), but i dont just want it to rain, i want it to start from no rain and progress to real heavy rain… to just turn it off / on would do it as well, but wouldnt be that cool

For those of you who don’t understand, he was asking how you enable/disable func_precipitation as the brush entity itself doesn’t have any options for this. Which is actually a good question that almost anyone who’s had to fuck with rain has had a problem with.

The answer to this is rather simple, just requires a bit of dodging around the system.

1. Name your func_precipitation entities “rain” without quotes.
2. Create a point_template entity, and name it “rain_on” without quotes.
3. Open up the Properties menu for the point_template, and under Template 1 list your “rain” entity. Next click the ‘Flags’ tab, and checkmark ‘Preserve entity names (Don’t do name fixup)’.
4. Now when you want to enable your rain (via another entity, say a button or trigger.), type in ‘rain_on’ as your ‘Target Entities Name’, and ‘ForceSpawn’ as your ‘Via this input’ in your button/trigger’s Output menu. In-order to disable your rain, simply kill the rain entity itself. You can still re-enable it, don’t worry.

If you want to start with the rain off, you should kill your ‘rain’ entity in a logic_auto. This method is used in Amsterville as someone mentioned before, and various other maps in-combination with other storm effects. As far as making it move, you should be-able to just use the Parent property in your func_precipitation. My suggestion would be to create a nodraw brush in an outside room that moves along a path_corner, and parent your rain brush entity to that.


cool, like this the fades should work as well, great!

about the movement (not that i need it accually), but with tracktrain and also parenting to a crow didnt work… just fyi

thanks again!

Finally! A proper way to do this. I had this same problem but did it in a terrible, hackjob way.