Rain in Team Fortress 2


It’s not milk ! :smiley:

These are excellent.

Poor Heavy is scared of the rain. :saddowns:


They look great by the way.

Nice rain and splashes. Lovely lighting on the characters.

Love the heavy’s expression in the second.

i like it

especially the second, oh heavy…


I love them both.

Scout should be cowering, cause with rain comes, RAINBOWS! Dramatic music

Noob question while i’m here.

How do you get the quailty that good?
I put my settings up max and still get a bad quality, small image, it looks good in game, but the picture I take looks like crap.


other in photoshop

Very nice!

That poor heavy, someone give him a sandvich to cheer him up!

That looks very nice indeed.

Also, heavy rapeface

I like the rain and the shading is way to good.

The second picture is priceless.

Those are awesome.