Rain Toggle Via Lua

I was wondering, since I am trying to make my own gamemode, is there anyway to toggle rain on and off for a map? I know for flood there is ways to toggle water up and down, in either case I appreciate you taking either the time to read this or to help.

I’m not sure but I believe you can toggle func_precipitation with firing “Toggle”, 0

You should explain this more. Wouldn’t he have to have a map entity called func_precipitation? Unless im wrong and ALL maps have it built in.

Does the map have any func_precipitation in it?

[lua]ents.FindByClass( “func_precipitation” )[1]:Fire( “Toggle” );[/lua]

Messy and laggy but:

emitter:Add(“particle/Water/WaterDrop_001a”, pos)


Unless you want to toggle on/off rain already in the map - use the previous method.