Rainbow agents extracting hostage.

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I was expecting rainbows with guns, or at least rainbow uniforms. You have decieved me.

Well for one that would be flat out stupid and two there are no models for Rainbow Six. I have done nothing to you.

You get a heart for having a Rainbow Six pose.

Nice posing but one agent got his feet clipping on the ground D:

they make scout cry

i came expecting gaybow soldiers

I knew what to expect, good job Fear

It sucks that no one made R6 models, the pose would be even more cooler.


To be honest, this needs major improvement. The first thing on the picture I saw was the guy crouching on the left who looks like he’s about to fall down and has no idea how to hold whatever odd looking gun he has. The guy behind him also looks pretty ridiculous. The one on the right is crossing his legs and his foot is going through the ground, and there’s a terribly ugly bloom in a few areas of the picture that just ruins it.

The ingame sharpen kind of ruined it, try not ever to use that.

Worked with these models? If not, then shut up (this goes for everyone.) Never use sharped so I have no idea what in Hells bathroom you’re talking about.

If you don’t like the models, then pick different ones. It doesn’t matter how much you want us to see this, you don’t have to post everything you make, it really doesn’t look that good and you could’ve done better. Use what works for you.

It looks like you use ingame sharpen, anyway. You don’t have to take it to such offense. It’d be better if you took my advice.

Which is why they are gone! First and last time I used 'em. I’ve learned something now.
Awesome models = terribly rigged.

Good. I’ve seen some great stuff from you before and I hope to see more in the future. I’m happy you aren’t sticking with these.


Aint that the freaking truth. Look at most of S-Low’s stuff.

ALL of S-Lows stuff.

Which versions of the models do you have? The ones that Ddok hexed in a pack of different camouflages are very well rigged in my opinion.

Are you talking about his recolors of the Shadow Company, or something else?