Rainbow Factory Gamemode [ Developers Wanted]

What is it?
Okay so me and a friend came up with this awesome idea inspired by the song Rainbow Factory by wooden toaster, and before you go jumping all crazy like “Yo, ain’t no one gonna want no damn brony gamemode”, this game mode was just an idea for gameplay. So non-bronies can be cool with it to :D. The objective of the game is to operate machines while surviving a zombie apocalypse inside of a factory, me and my friend lex have already spent a few hours discussing and planning the game mode and have a nice document explaining it written out.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OYrRWdMm-Pqin_kk_KORU_pgEMCnYYMUKxAnoTU21Ko/edit?usp=sharing - Feel free to comment on it if you’d like to make a suggestion

Anyways, I’m not good with sourceSDK and I don’t mind making a map but I’d prefer it to be professionally done. We want a map with cartoon shaders, like thick outlines and what not, and we need in scripted areas in the map. We have a drawn out idea of how the map should be, If we don’t find a developer, like I said I can develop this part myself.

The concept of the game is pretty cool, allow me to sum it up:
Basically you have a choice to do solo or team based combat. If you choose team you get classes if you choose solo everything’s on you, good luck with that by the way. You objective is to maintain and operate machines while surviving a hoard of zombies. Each machine takes a certain amount of time to operate or a certain function to do, some machines you have to pull levers in a specefic order, others you have to just stand around gaurding your post while waiting for the process to be completed. Each kill you make, you gain a point or two dependent on what you killed. Each task you complete you get so many points also dependent on the task. You also gain EXP for levels to use better weapons and perks. In addition to that you can spend points at the shop to get weapons.

It is sandbox mode so you can just choose to kill for fun, or actually operate machines. There are safezones where you can go afk, and still be fine and you can setup cameras in the control room to operate intercoms in the facility and talk to your team from anywhere and watch your team and let them know what’s going on.

If anyone is interested in assisting with this game mode, please feel free to hit me up, we start tomorrow.

Skype: Dylan-Soulz
steam: deathtaker26

Edit: Just a quick heads up, the goal of this post isn’t for just recruiting, it’s for getting opinions on what you guys think of the gamemode, and maybe some suggestions on what to add to it :slight_smile: Thanks for your time



You’d have more luck by showing a little content you’ve created first

Sorry didn’t know I needed to give early work of it, I’ll post some work tomorrow after me and my friend get into some developing, I’m new here so thanks for the advice.

And @MintehFresh, I made the post to get opinions not just hire people. Sorry I made it seem like that xD

How is it different from Onslaught ?

[img_thumb]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/ZnkwZ5IYgiqFVr3D-qkkMhSq2x8jcYwchN-BPLn9AaYLt4pD8H6-hqpA1s-Ps18lKx68PAwMYOHxQxfgfdAp3iTpKjdLO566B4A4abm6D4bRwWtR_94_oZxHdg[/img_thumb] Wow so much detail…

Please use [.img_thumb] tags, and I know right…

Someone hasn’t heard of the shapes tool, or a ruler.

ill only play if the pink pony is in it

my favorite pony is the pink one…

What is Onslaught?

Also I just drew the map diagram on a tablet >_>

And, we talked about adding pony models just for popularity of the demo servers and we will probably add the pink pony.

Fixed it up, Better? :slight_smile:


The idea isn’t really innovative and isn’t much different from Onslaught.
In onslaught you basically choose a class, build some defenses using props then defend yourself against waves of monsters.
Some maps have special tasks such as power switch you have to use each wave in order for flying enemies not to appear.
Onslaught doesn’t have XP system by default (I guess), but I’ve played on a server that had a credit shop you could buy weapons in.

[sp]Also I have no idea how a grown man can be a freakin pony-lover. Brain damage perhaps? Rate me dumb, disagree or whatever but that is just my opinion and I am entitled to it.[/sp]

I don’t know I can see SOME differences in gameplay there. But in a sense I guess you’re right. Thanks for the feed back, Maybe I can do some tweaking and try to stray away from the concept that another gamemode already uses. However, the difference I saw between your description and the gamemode you mentioned is the objective. The objective of RF is to gather points from operating the machines rather than gather points from surviving waves. I’m going to have to do some rethinking I’ll post some information later.

Thanks again!

Edit: Oh and one quick question, does onSlaught have bosses?

You’ve put more thought into designing it, than how you will actually make it. And please don’t sign your posts.

I’ve put plenty of thought into both the design and the development of it. Usually we make development maps and layouts because… gee I don’t know, maybe you have to know what you’re going to code before you put together a mess of work. Lua is already a sloppy scripting language. It’s bad enough on its own, without the help of having a shitty and messy build written out. On a second note that’s completely unrelated.

I know, just don’t sign your posts. And Development and Designing are two separate things, you’ve designed it - but you haven’t got any content to actually show us. You signed up just to post this…

not to really show, it’s all code atm I have hardly done much. I posted that I was going to be doing a lot of developing on it today after I get back from a meeting. after that I should have content to show you… that is if my other developer ever gets on to help.

Probably should have done the developing first before making the thread so you’d have something to show, otherwise people are probably just gonna blow you off and assume you want them to do all the work.

Understood, that’s not what I was asking for, I am a developer myself and I have another developer working on this with me. I’ll post some stuff soon

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