Rainbow screen of death

if i join a server in Garry’s mod, it will take forever to send client info, and after i join, it will freeze for a minuet, then i can play for a few seconds, then my screen will have random triangles in random colors all over the screen, then it says hl2.exe has stopped working. in single player, it does the same thing, only if i press ctr alt Del and the click the gmod tab it fixes, but then does it again after a few seconds. Any help or suggestions?

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Try downloading SpeedFan and see if it’s your computer that’s overheating. Taking forever to send client info is fairly common and nothing to get worried about.

It might be your GPU dieing on you too… Mine did that not to long ago D; I miss my poor 8800GT :frowning: Try updating your drivers

i counter this with hwmonitor

CPU specs

And how do i do that?

System Specs (use Speccy if you don’t know how to get them otherwise)