Rainbow Six Siege: Need Help Ripping Models

I’ve been wanting the weapon models from Rainbow Six Siege ever since I first layed my eyes on them. They’re well detailed and perfectly modeled, but the only situation I’m left with is that I have no idea what program I can use since they use .FORGE files. I may try to use Ninja Ripper but since it’s played through UPlay, I ain’t too sure how it works.

Anyone know the programs they use to rip models, I know it’s been done since Luxlox has done it and there are existing models on SFM and Garrysmod.

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I gave Archive_Next a try to see if I can still try to scoot it in, and while it did open the Forge Files it wouldn’t extract or open the Meshes/Textures.

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Actually I lied, I’ve been actually extracting them the entire time but they’re now in .ACU files.

.Acu files? can you share a screenshot please?


ok,I get it. the Acu files are uncompressed models, they can be converted to obj easily :slight_smile: but I don’t know if the tool can obtain all meshes without errors

I manage to get one mesh which was in an .ACS format. The materials I’ve been getting are left around in ACU, but I might have a program that can convert it. I’ll take a look on Xentax on my free time.

there are lot of bugs in the tool, for example: the names in the temp folder are not correlative to the internal name so, if the file have the name “CHR_Hazmat_Sledge_BodyTop_LOD0_CM” actually you are extracting a car or maybe a plant :stuck_out_tongue:

the other bug is that there are lot of files with no names.

note: convert 3d models is not a problem, even there are operators not used in the final game at the moment.


Yeah I noticed that cause I found a couple of weapons that aren’t in game yet including a Desert Eagle. My own problem now is just trying to figure out how to convert these models into Obj.

How did you extract/rip the model?

You use Archive_Next and from there what I did was that I put the RS6 Path in the place of the most recent Assassins Creed game which was Assassins Creed Syndicate. From there I double clicked on the mesh-shapes that were provided and textures and it automatically exported itself in the Temporary Folder that it creates in the documents folder, but it does not preview them on the right.


As you said, the files cannot be shown properly in “ARchive_neXt”; thats why I can’t get the .ACS files and don’t know what the ACU ones are. ACS files are just 1 kb after my process. I think the paremeters of the “Assassins Creed Syndicate” are inappropriate for “Rainbow Six Siege”. Or I did something wrong to get weapons as samples.

I ripped some contents with Ninja Ripper 1.5.2 x64 D3D11 for mainly weapons. Textures are ok but I could not import/convert the meshes(.rip).

I have tried ninja_importer v1.3 (on 3ds max 2016), rip2obj v0.1 and a blender .rip script.

Have you used Noesis?

No, unfortunately, I have not tried yet. I will update this post after the testing and I can upload some samples if anyone wants/needs.

Well, the same result like on the rip2obj… I can see some GUI meshes that are extracted nicely; but in-game models are just like empty or planes, long lines(looks like projections)… I will try some other extraction options. rip2obj and Noesis work fine for some other games.

Here is the log and sample to diagnose.

  • I start the Ninja Ripper x64, select dx11, click run (of course nothing happens) then manually start the R6: S (codex). In the game, I select the operator section and choose a gun and press F10 to rip. I saw some error messages in the log, maybe they are related to this issue.

I have no clue how you guys were able to open anything. When I set AC: Syndicate as R6: Siege in the preferences, then click the ±icon near AC:Syndicate, then view anything, I get bunch of sub folders with no names and then tons of random files.

If I try to view anything, I either get some sort of a tree error or the extractor crashes.

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NinjaRipper sadly doesn’t work on the legit version of the game as BattlEye blocks it. It could have worked before they added but I’m not really a fan of downloading some old version.

If someone could somehow disable BattleEye just temporarily so that I can rip everything, that’d be good.

Did you used a cracked version of the game when you use ninja ripper?

“…then manually start the R6: S (codex)…”

Yes. It was cracked by “CODEX”.

That’s why it is so easy to rip from the game with Ninja Ripper then.

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Do me a favor and spawn in-game, get a gun and look up to the sky and rip it for me and if it’s possible, send me the rip files and all that, don’t take out anything just the Ninja Ripper Rip Logs of all the meshes and images it gathered.

1-) “2016.10.27_19.44.58_RainbowSix.exe” is the operator’s character&loadout preview shoot.
2-) “2016.10.27_19.45.53_RainbowSix.exe” is the scenario in-game shoot that you want.

I examined both of them and I can see that the textures extract, but it doesn’t read the meshes since they all come out corrupted. Have you tried using the x86 version of Ninja Ripper by any chance cause the scenerio in-game shoot doesn’t pick up the meshes or textures at all for the weapon.

Also thank you very much for doing that for me.

You are welcome…
The game is just for x64 as you know, x86 did not work when I tried. DX11/9 x64 is working to rip but the result is same for meshes.

We need a customized/modified importer script for these rip files that comes from this different game engine. Current ones cannot open as we can see.

I wish the creator of Achive_Next would just update it for Rainbow Six: Siege :confused:

It has been almost a year since the game’s release