Rainbow Six Siege Operators

Been playing the HECK out of the new beta and I played the older one too. Has anyone taken a stab at porting these cool dudes from either of the betas?

I doubt someone has been able to make a ripper work for the newly created engine. The game comes out Dec 1. so it isn’t long enough until someone makes a ripper work with R6:S.

Yeah like Max said, the engine is new and since there are no mod tools it will take some extra time before people get to the point of understanding how it works which in turn leads to the creation of ripping tools.

It has cheats already, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Because hacks=the ability to rip models, right?

The game isn’t even out and it’s a totally new engine. Like, at least wait for the game to be out and finished

I want to research the engine and the formats, maybe I can dump models from RAM , but… how can I download the beta?

should be in everyone’s Uplay library

It’s free on the UPlay client

thanks , I was using steam :disgust:

It’s free on steam too.

yes, but I can’t add the game to the cart in steam. I’m downloading in uplay now

You still need UPlay, no other choice so you had to download that anyway :v:

the engine looks similar to assassins creed engine (maybe is the same), textures can be extracted or ripped but models looks weird.

is possible extract models but take long time because is difficult locate the mesh in the memory and maybe… the base model is deformed ( ubisoft style )

for me it just popped up as the news thing in steam, I was like oh yeah, but isn’t it in uplay… and I click download and it started downloading in Steam.

It’s on the free games section

easy to extract, difficult to locate the mesh.


here is a model extracted from beta

the beta is close and I don’t have the game for extract other operators for now.


Holy fuck that’s awesome, I.Q and Jager are my favorite operator looks in this game.

shit, now that’s awesome