Rainbow Six Siege Weapons Pack

LINK TO FULL PACK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B82xfQD9N9i4RjU1cXdvbm9rX2c

ALSO, TO MAKE SOME ATTACHMENTS WORK, YOU NEED FAR CRY 4 WEAPONS PACK : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B82xfQD9N9i4U1VfMnRTTnhKUTQ/view

Here is the weapon pack from Rainbow Six Siege. Textures and materials were converted based on method to fake PBR techniques, and every moving gun part is fully rigged. Made in mind for SFM.

The pack contains:

  • USP - 2 skins, Mods to turn it into USP Match, HK 23 SOCOM, various silencers.
  • M870 - 2 skins, 5 sights, 3 bodygroups for pump, pistol grip bodygroup.
  • SIG MPX - 2 Silencers, 2 mag bodygroups, 5 sights, removable and poseable stock.
  • Minebea M9 - 2 skins, a silencer, wooden grip, 4 sights.
  • SPAS 15 - 2 skins, alternate stock, 4 sights.
  • Vityaz SN - 2 skins, 2 alternate stocks, 4 sights, 2 silencers, 2 handguards.
  • Sterling C1 - 2 skins, folded stock bodygroup.
  • Shotgun shell - bodygroup for fired version, red skin.
  • Hollow Point Bullet - Bullet casing bodygroup.

Link to full gallery: http://imgur.com/a/wuLhu


Ubisoft - original assets
Smug Bastard - material and texture work
Luxox18 - original extraction
MrShlapa, Hazard300, Smug Bastard - previews
Red Menace - porting, rigging, bodygroups

Thank you my friend, these rare weapons will be most useful.

hi, the optics ? (scoops)

OP said you needed the FC4 pack. Did you even read the description?

i’m lazy on reading this lines, which means don’t have time, fast look > fast write > leave :slight_smile:
Sorry for that
if there is a chance to extract them bcs i unninstalled the game this is my reason why i asked for them :wink:

i know it’s boring with all this dispatched files, and probability to find the right model to upload, thanks for your times

Hooray! :goodjob:finally! Thank you. Maybe the textures to the Deserted Eagle will be !!!

Oh, you also worked on the Minebea PM-9!
Thanks a lot!
Now I can finally use a high-quality Minebea asset instead of using the half-model of CoD MW3