Rainbows :D

I would like to know how to get the effect that you see in this video. The guys on the right and left have their clothing and physgun changing colours like a rainbow and it’s awesome. I’ve gotten the physgun to sort of glitch through the colours but if someone could help me with a nice smooth transitioning one that would be awesome. THANKS

Probably using the Lerp function in a think hook with player/physgun colours.

I may have forgotten to point out that I’m like 99% of the GMod population in that what you just said looks a little bit like Chinese to me…

Basically, you can’t do this ingame through a menu, it is a lua script that the owner usually makes for people who donate.

Right, I’m running a server and some players requested that I add this to the donator classes.

You’d have better luck on www.scriptfodder.com if you want someone to completely give you the code.

I figured I’d go there next. Just wasn’t sure if it was previously released or not :slight_smile:

This is very very simple to make, please don’t pay someone to do it.

Found it on the workshop… Whoops. Thanks for the help, Facepunch!

-snip- Didn’t see you found it; ignore my code