Rainbows of Un-Happiness

So I got a new laptop in late June. I immediately installed Steam, Gmod, Etc.
It worked fine for the first month or two, then, with no evident cause, most maps created rainbow triangles that came from the skybox among other technical bugs.
Such as: The Q menu becoming invisible, skyboxes hating me, inability to use any post processing things, bugged flashlight.

Has anyone have the slightest idea as to what this is?

Now, keep in mind, I’ve had this problem for a few months now, but I finally decided to make a thread.

Also, Gmod refuses to start up. It just shows the loading bar and it never goes beyond “Creating Render Targets”


Posting pics…


I suppose I should also add that Episode 1, and most other games work fine. (High settings, etc.)

PC specs
Addon list

Rate OP optimistic.

Also, it may be because your graphics card is shitty.


System Specifications: I forgot where to find them
All of Kermite’s crap
Shiban’s combien coffee
DoD Spawn list
Derma skin info
Door stool
Gmod Tower crap
Some CSS weapons
Some Halo playermodels
Extra NPC’s v4
NPC Control v2
Gordon Freeman NPC
Halo sweps
Portal Radio
SMOD kick swep
Metrocop NPC’s
NPC Camera
FakeFactory crap
Military models
Wire mod
Advanced duplicator
Combine sniper
More Combine NPC’s
Enemy Rebels & Friendly Combine
Fallout Power Armor ragdoll
District 9 vehicles
And alot of other shit…

Wow. I just realised I have WAY too many addons.


Moar pictures.

PC specs.

Where do I find them?


Name: NVIDIA GeForce G105M
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip Type: GeForce G105M
DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC
Total Memory: 2271 MB

Main Driver: nvd3dumx.dll
Version: 7.15.0011.8577
DDI Version: 10

Yeah, I typed anything that looked relatively important.

You have a terrible laptop onboard gpu, it’s probably overheating or something of the likes.

Terrible you say?

FYI EMBseries

It’s still pretty terrible for playing most modern games, or are you forgetting that San Andreas is about 3 years older than Orange Box Source engine? Everything in the OB engine was upgraded from HL2’s engine, and I can see that he’s running ENB Series but that doesn’t prove anything really.