Raincoat Mobsters

I found these models on garrysmod.org and the guy who created them says they’re ragdolls. So I was wondering if someone who knows how to model could make them into fully functional player models for me. I would be willing to award the person a few bucks for making the models as well. Please don’t try to tell me how to do it, I’ve already tried. Oh ya, and the person who made the ragdolls won’t care. He’s fully aware that someone should make them into playermodels. Post here or add me on Steam if you’re going to make them. Here is the link for the ragdolls in which I want to be made into playermodels:


PS: If you want the reward you may add me on Steam. I will only be giving you the money via Paypal.

Steam name: onslaught998

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Here’s the source .SMDS and such for the mobsters for anybody who wants to make them playermodels


Fine… I’ll do it for you, Dean.


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Alright. Thanks guys.