Raindrop - Modular RP / RPG Script

Raindrop is meant to be a modular gamemode that is not built on a Framework / Schema based system. Instead It’s main purpose is for beginner - intermediate coders to be able to hook into and add onto their own scripts to flesh out the gamemode. Thereby creating their own RPs without relying on “Change this Faction name here”, “Change color there”, “We’ve got a unique RP / Gamemode” (Although that can still be done). Please note that I myself am not a coder, and have been investing in this script for a little over a year now. I’m currently in need of some additional help to finish out the script. If no help is given progress will continue but at a very slow pace.

Images you see in this thread at first are themed for the first version of this script. A “Skeleton” version will be made afterwards in which will be the “Public” release. It will be given with an “As-is” label meaning no actual support will be promised or guaranteed (Major bugs may be given insight). However most of the github it’ll be hosted on will be community driven updates at that point.


  • Done

  • In Progress

  • Not Started

Core Features

Volume System (Register various safe / trigger areas)

Item Base

Buffs / Debuffs Base

Durabilities with Suits / Custom Damage Types

Attachments / Upgrades for Items such as Weapons / Suits

Random Prefixes per item “The Division” or “Fallout” Style


Switchable Hud / Menu GUI

Grid based Inventory

Tooltips for Inventory


Cross Server Map Integration (Travel from Server to Server)



Basic Leveling / Reputation System

Party System

Dynamic Ambient Music


D&D Style Combat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Script Features



Themed Inventory


Voice Acting or mp3 file lines for Radio / NPCs

Faction Gear System (For Recognition)

Blowouts / Emissions

Supply Lines / Checkpoints


Trade Runs



And now, For some content.

NOTE: This will be S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Themed as the first script is called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Life




Download / Help with the project

Trello (For understanding what needs done)

Please let me know what you think, as well as suggestions / improvements. This thread will be continually updated with progress concerning the gamemode, Thanks for your time!


Johnny Guitar - Tremendous lua knowledge, help, design, and made most of the backend / core of this gamemode.

NightAngel - Stunning UI work / Debugging.

CakeZ - Ported over 300+ models for Stalker Variant

Will add more credits as time goes on and people help contribute.

This is Combine Control, which is paid. How would you release it for the public?

It’s not CombineControl.

I actually just realized what you mean by this though. I have a very old video up from the first version of this (Which was when I was creating a private script) back in March. We moved away from CombineControl and developed our own base.

I’ve corrected it in the OP. Thanks for pointing it out though!

Amazing work O_O. I love it :wink: :goodjob:

I was gonna start a new base, so I’m down to help contribute.

this isn’t combinecontrol.

This actually looks really fucking awesome. Any guess on when you think this will be finished?

Jesus christ man this is all so breath taking. I would love to help with anything you need. Shot you a PM

oh this looks beautiful, I hope you’ll be able to finish it!

[DEL]Alright, so since the official forums are down and I’d like to get feedback, I have a few ideas about how the weapons in this would work. [/DEL]
EDIT: Official forum thread here

And yes, I am actually helping to make SWEPs alongside White Snow. No, I’m not just some ideas guy.

Core Principles

  • It is better to have fewer, more diverse weapons rather than a large amount of functionally identical ones.
  • It is better to reduce download size as much as possible.
  • High-quality models would be taken from Insurgency 2 and its workshop. These models have a lot of good animations, are consistent in style and quality, and are already in Garrysmod in the form of Knife Kitty’s Ins2 SWEPs.
  • The fewer calibers there are, the better. This is because it makes the system much less complicated.
  • Broadly, all weapons that fire the same caliber will do roughly the same damage.
  • There should be no weapon that is best at everything.
  • Weapon size can be used as a balancing factor.
  • Good tactics can substitute for power - any weapon can kill any opponent, with a few exceptions.
  • Weapon category distribution should and will not be equal. Most players will use assault rifles. This is the way it should be - it more accurately reflects on real life and is thus better for immersion.
  • Weapon and game design should encourage the natural use of real-world squad tactics.


  • Pistols are small, cheap, and light. They’re excellent sidearms.
  • Pistols are poor at range and against armor, but will do well enough against mutants and unarmored body parts.
  • Pistols are bad weapons for most purposes. The most common places you will see them are on early-game players, on weak enemies, and as a sidearm.


  • Submachine guns are small, cheap, and light. While bigger than pistols and more of a primary weapon, they still use cheap pistol rounds and are common and low in price.
  • SMGs are poor at range and against armor, but fare better than pistols. They will do fairly well in a gunfight, but assault rifles are still better.
  • SMGs are fairly poor weapons. You’ll see them on people who need to carry a lot of other items mostly, or on early-game players.


  • Shotguns are very varied in size and cost. All shotguns have similar performance in terms of damage.
  • The main difference between shotguns is firing speed and capacity. Break-actions are among the cheapest due to their low capacity, while mag-fed automatics are expensive and capable of spraying shells quickly.
  • Shotguns serve a similar function to SMGs.

Assault Rifles

  • Assault rifles should be the most common weapons used by players.
  • Assault rifles have good damage, good range, and good accuracy. They are also fairly cheap.
  • Assault rifles are your bread and butter.
  • “Carbine” type weapons such as the AKS-74U and M4 are worse at range with less accuracy and damage, but smaller and lighter.
  • “Battle rifles” such as the FAL are better at range, doing more damage with more accuracy, but are heavier and larger. Their recoil and small magazines make them poor for suppression. Generally, assault rifles are better weapons.
  • “Semi-automatic rifles” such as the SKS are cheaper and smaller, with similar damage and accuracy to assault rifles, but semi-automatic only with smaller magazines.


  • Machine guns do more damage than assault rifles and have less recoil, and fire faster. This makes them excellent for suppression.
  • However, their main caveat is that they’re specialty weapons and only good when stationary, meaning that gunners cannot operate effectively as individuals and must rely on their team.
  • Machine guns cannot fire accurately unless deployed.
  • Machine guns are exceedingly heavy and large, meaning few other items can be carried.
  • Machine guns are expensive. It is not wise to waste the money on kitting out every squad member with a SAW.
  • Generally, machine guns are good for suppression and supporting fire. As much as is possible will be done to make them poor for CQC.

Bolt-Action Rifles

  • Bolt-actions do more damage for their caliber due to no gas being siphoned off for the gas system.
  • Bolt-actions retain all damage over distance.
  • However, bolt-actions are very poor in close-quarters due to their long reloading times.
  • Fitted with a scope, bolt-actions are extremely good for marksmen.

Rocket Launchers

  • Rocket launchers do exceedingly high damage, even the cheapest ones.
  • However, their price-per-round and long reload time mean that they should be reserved for tough mutants and exoskeleton-fitted enemies.
  • There are two main types of rocket launcher: HEAT and AP. HEAT rockets do a large amount of damage in a small radius, while AP rockets do less damage over an area, like a grenade.


  • If a bullet lands close to you, you will be suppressed.
  • This makes your aim twitch and blurs your vision.
  • Suppression fades over time.
  • Suppression is very powerful, but perks can stem it.
  • This is meant to reflect real-world suppressive fire, which has a very powerful effect - in the real world, you really, really don’t want to get shot. In a game, it is less of an incentive, so it is necessary to abstract this part.
  • When suppressed, your capability will be reduced very severely.
  • Teamwork is encouraged, as counter-suppression can be done.

This is a really promising concept, but to me it looks a little like a gamemode base. Could you tell me what differs it from your average framework?

There’s quite a bit I have to polish up on the main post, thanks for pointing that out. Allow me to clarify however.

Think of this as not your typical Framework / Schema design. The Gamemode itself is more common to aspect of CombineControl without theme. What I intend on doing is funding and organizing development of the variants themselves (Thereby why you see the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. one as the first variant) and eventually a skeleton version with core functionality.

We’re developing components inside the gamemode to make it far easier to work on things on the fly. One example is create factions in game, give faction leaders power, tie rank / faction to character / gear instead of flags and whitelists. Another would be live item editing. This is all for the belief that even without coding knowledge you can still create something to base it off of.

However that’s where you’re right. It technically is a base. It’s just not where you load a schema onto it however. If you’re a developer and want to create your own “Gamemode” so to speak with a solid RP / RPG base, then this would be it. I’m hoping it will be rather easy from the hooks, comments, and documentation that anyone can pick it up and create their own concept as they see fit. As for the actual variants I’m helping to create, those will have certain functions / scripts that I’d rather not be made public as they’ll be hosted on my servers. However more than likely they’ll be released publicly after a certain amount of time (As I don’t intend to keep anything behind a money wall / never to be used by anyone else).

It was meant for easily creating multiple schemas, with the ease coming from components that could easily be used for a variety of situations, plus RNG played a pretty big factor at one point as well as long term solutions to curb the economy from inflating heavily.

An example of a component is the volume system, they were easy to use and creating new kinds is STUPID easy. It was also pretty efficient as clients checked if they were in them constantly if they detect being in one, set the client to being in one, send a request to server which crosschecks with their current position. It also allowed for prediction as the servers were going to be run with a losing tickeate.

So is there any progress? Its been ages (just over one month) since last update on this

I don’t think a month is considered ages, development is slow since people are busy and it’s the holidays for most.

However no major updates or breakthroughs have been made, so no updates as of yet.

This looks neat, anytime soon on the release of the files or server?

How’s going man? ^^

Yeah, how’s the script coming so far?

Sorry, I don’t tend to update here unless there’s actual updates. People have been busy and unable to work on it continously. However I do have some updates.

We fixed up a few issues that pertained to volumes, as that was a huge core functionality. As well as created a backend for the factions system, as to allow user friendly customization, Server owners should be able to create / edit factions within game (Instead of having to work with the code directly), including leaders / officers.

Other than that progress has been quite slow due to again, everyone being busy. Once I have a much more “Complete” update I’ll be sure to update the thread and everyone here. Apologies otherwise.

EDIT: Added Wrench for Factions since the backend is complete, but GUI will need to be done.

Also the coders helping with the project have told me they’re now more available. So hopefully this picks up again.

Hijacking this thread once again, I’ve started to work with Deadi to get Raindrop finished once and for all. Currently working on getting the chatbox fixed up which hopefully won’t be too awful.

whoever added this to my gamemode, just fucking why