Rainy day in gm_construct


alternative jpeg_quality version http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2800/gmconstruct0337.jpg

  • Posing
  • Editing
  • Map
  • No Zombies
  • Generic and kinda boring


Rain is good, you should work on the guy’s splashes tho, it’s looking way too bright, the ground at the bottom aswell.

Just because you like posing zombies doesn’t mean you should use this joke in EVERY thing.

ugh, the rain impacts. it looks like some kind of fucked up glowing haze. the rain is decent though, and the posing isn’t too bad.

if you want to really make your rain edits stand out, try making stuff look wet. soaked clothes, rivulets of rain running down hard surfaces, stuff like that. almost nobody does it.

The rain impact doesn’t apply to the bottom of things…

zombies arn’t the only thing to pose, to let you know

they don’t need to be in every single picture

MATRASSO! You bastardo! How did you get here motherfucker?!

I said bottom are too bright long time ago

OH MY GOD they found me I should register a fake account :ohdear:

Its a goddamn joke.
You people arent bitching about Butthurter though all he says is:
“Indeed, my child”
“Good. Very Good”
“I understand”

It’s a joke that stops being funny when you say it every two minutes.

Explain Butthurter to me then.

butthurter is p cool you’re not

Makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing things up.

hey i’m just saying man

if you’re cool, you can say the shittiest joke and everyone will laugh

if you’re not cool and you have the best joke in the world, people are going to steal it and use it as their own material and push you in the dirt

welcome to humanity

Well, what yah gonna do about it :v:

Gotta love it

More fuckin boxes!!!1 mooooreee!!!11111