Rainy Day Saviors

This was gonna be another “meet the resistance” thing but I can’t be fucked to write right now.

Cropped down because the original pose was shit. Rain is bad, wet effect on clothes is worse, I know. Point out anything else that is terrible and/or how I could make things less terrible.

Shading on the clothes is nice.


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can you tell that the dude got rushed a bit? :rolleye:

don’t have much to say about it, reminds me of some old Half life 2 comics

Looks good. Your toughest critic is yourself, so if you think it’s crap, most people will say it’s nice. I thought of saying that you should apply those shading skills to skinning more, but I’m pretty sure you already do. You just need to make and release more simple stuff using them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn I love the shading on them.

I find some of the shading overdone to be honest, but I’m strongly curious about the symbol on the shoulder of the rebel a bit further back.

Some skin project?

Copy-pasted from one, yes. The original just used the default rebels.

Got an original? This is fucking great, and you should feel great for having composed such an amazing picture.

I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not zeraxify

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justin bieber fuck yeah

It wasn’t.

Love the posing.


Use these instead for your screenshots.

This was posed several weeks ago, well before they were released.

Love the shading except on her face. Rain seems a little blurry too. Awesome job.