Rainy Day

Hello everyone, its my first time that i try add some rain, so… yeah tell me what is wrong/right.





very unorthidox,I like it.

Nice work, Rain seems to look like brush strokes but beyond that, its great.

Here, try this tutorial. It produces much better results for making rain.

Man, i did everything like in that tutorial but its anyway like that.
Maybe thats cause i make too much rain layers?

haha the rain looks like a mess of scratches on the picture


Use frenchies tutorial and see what you can do baby

Wrong map for rainy day.



looks better now?

better but flat as hell; add depth by making the drops in the distance smaller and blurrier while also making the rain closer to the screen less dense (AND blurrier)

the rain doesn’t need to fill 99% of the picture either; in real life when it’s raining you don’t really see most of the drops unless it’s pouring down really hard or you happen to be in vietnam during the monsoon season. and what’s with all the black?

as an example of how i’d prefer rainy stuff to look (i’m not the best editor guy around but i’m decent (and the pic is like what half a year old)) i’ll use my most recent rainy pic


when making rainy pics you also have to remember that rain’s wet and it makes surfaces wet and wet surfaces shine quite a bit. add some reflections