Rainy day


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C&C please. This is my first picture thread on FacePunch =).

Gm_construct ?

Gm_Construct or not, good job.

Maaybee…maybe not =))).

This has a nice look to it, well done. :buddy:

Reminds me of the Russian suburbs, I guess that’s the idea.

Looks nice.

Very few people have managed to do rain perfectly.

Add more depth to it, smaller drops and bigger drops to simulate distance, and your splashing doesn’t look very good either.

Updated (only rain, no splashes added\removed).
I’m still confused about splashes…any good examples in mind?

Construct or not, this is excellent work. You can barely see any evidence that it even is construct.

I applaud you, OP. Never have I created a half-decent rain effect; all the tutorials suck, leave out half of the steps, or are composed entirely of pictures with broken links.

Very nice.


Cool photo :smiley: