Rainy Days:A Day In The Park

Skinning By Dmgaina
Voice Acting by Captain Comedy
Written and faceposed/directed by scoutking
Also special thanks to mm3guy/DMGaina for helping me one in the morning with faceposing.

Chris is back and still his old 32 year old self and serving life at the Mesa State psychiatric hospital. His serial number is 5247 and is serving on accounts of 13 3rd degree murders, 13 counts of cannibalism, and 3 Battery Assault. Apprehended in July 26 2005 This is his second, third, and fourth count of murder and cannibalism… Venture into Chris’s mind and become his… friend once more.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smqm8TmPt9A - direct link


Overall, it’s pretty good, especially with faceposing. However I found the voice a bit echoey and not really into the character. What would have been good is mini flashbacks as he performed these acts. Not exactly the killing, but the act of grabbing maybe as a shadow or something.

That was pretty amazing, I overall liked it a lot. The parts where he laughed looked odd, though that’s not much to worry about. It was creepy, very original. Good work!

Also ^(teddi)

though about it, but it would of changed the tone of the story, disrupt the flow, I also did a lot of faceposing, so I didn’t really want to break from it, seeing its my first time doing it. I stayed on him to show off the faceposing mainly.

Wow, that’s pretty sick.

I liked his monologue, it was quite distrubing. You could edit it a bit with some horizontal blur at some scenetransmissions and use more fov on some shots.


I liked the angle where you saw his eyes beyond the door. And was it just me or was there an amazing amount of detail on his face?

You also forgot the guy who helped teach you about brightness and contrast…and gradient mapping. >:D

Looks great, I hope more episodes are forthcoming! It’s great fun collaborating with you!

Good vid. Disturbing and gross, but good.

I will probably, take a 2 week break from machinma( I spent along time learning to faceposeing, and faceposing it, also working on a gamemod concept/mapping to work on with friend) and In that time ill generate another idea, I think a spoon should be involved…

Awesome, expecting more after those 2 weeks.

I also forgot your the guy who spammed my youtube channel, you shouldn’t trying to get points off of this when your the one who trolled the last one.
DMGaina did alot of detail on the face I noticed, It shinned in the light when i filmed, which just made me have a orgasm.

Hey let’s stop fighting because it makes everyone involved look like an idiot :slight_smile:

I’m glad you took my suggestion of faceposer, it’s very well done for a first time.

I really disagree.


I’m wondering if I should of added more phenomes, or sythed it wrong in editing.


Wait I didn’t troll your Rainy days video. I trolled you personally, because you diserve it, since you were about a second away from leaking zombines rising ep 1

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I didn’t know I had two agrees…

I just through out the gamemod idea, and Ill be skipping a break from machinma, and Now am currently working on TWO movies/series. Never thought this could become addictive.

Creepy i got an Eary Feeling.

did you insert the character through Hammer? Thats the only way i know of getting the phenomes to work.

you type ent_setname gordon why looking at a spawn npc then type
ent_fire gordon setexpressionoverride scenes/SCENE HERE.vcd
and it will play his scene and repeat it.