Rainy Days EP3 Trailer

Not my best, but good for the time it was made in.
something to suit my crave to film why I wait for voice acting to be done.

Don’t know what rainy days is heres the second episode, the first sort of sucks, it dosn’t have faceposing.
Chris is back and still his old 32 year old self and serving life at the Mesa State psychiatric hospital. His serial number is 5247 and is serving on accounts of 13 3rd degree murders, 13 counts of cannibalism, and 3 Battery Assault. Apprehended in July 26 2005 This is his second, third, and fourth count of murder and cannibalism… Venture into Chris’s mind and become his… friend once more.

All the video is, is just different shots of him and some music, not a very good trailer, although I’m glad to see you have an intro now.

I just shit my pants from awesomeness

Your smirk avatar carries a sense of sarcasm.

I knew that avatar would come back to haunt me one day.

But this is great, very professional.

You should start producing your stuff in 16:9

My I got sony vegas basic.

Doesn’t change anything, you can do it

Cant say i agree with the music choice. But it looks like its going to turn out well.

It has ratio restriction.
The highest quality I can render was used.

eerrrmmm :downs:


Looks good. How’d you get the uber slow-mo walk at a good framerate? Source Recorder?

No I just know how to use my editor.

What editor did you use?

Fumples, Sony Vegas can be used to perform a slo-mo effect, you just have to change the playback speed when you right click a shot I believe.

Well, I know how to do that, but there is a relatively large framerate hit when I put that in the video, it doesn’t appear as smooth as his did.

Higher FPS ingame possible?
the higher FPS the better you get in slow motion.
I film at 30fps with wegame (thats the max I can do) but my ingame is 120-180fps

Ah. I’ll have to check out wegame. Thanks

Yeah a idiot out there stole my intro idea and admitted to it too.
Get this hes a subscriber of mine.