Rainy Days Teaser


Chris is 32 and serving life at the Mesa State psychiatric hospital.
His serial number is 5247 and is serving on accounts of 13 3rd degree murders, 13 counts of cannibalism, and 3 Battery Assault.
Apprehended in July 26 2005





Skin was made by HWE Vezon, (vezon steam name) known as HWECQI (HWECQI FP name)

ok this IS special. what does it tell about the story?

Nice clip, the part with the knife really felt like a part from a high quality horror movie. Can’t wait for episode 1!

that’s what a teaser is.
Tells you hes fucking crazy, tells you where he is, tells you he has a weapon.
I’m not giving away how he got their, that’s what the series is about.

its very eerie, good choice of music.
but i think you should make some custom textures and not use the c.p npc, it kinda ruins the atmoshpere of the film.
other then that its fine.

Eh well everything in a teaser can be subjected to change, but We won’t be seeing much of guards.
And I am fallowing your formula recommendation, seeing the idea or story line, or way the story will flow is completely different from common machinma.

well thats really good to know, its about time that machinma evolved.

Ive been going to this forum since 2005 on my older account, and MAN machinma has evolved, from slapdash to war of the servers, but lately its been stuck on the tracks since 2007 when all the random gmod movies flooded this forum.

Great comeback

Updated with picture of skin.
Any thing that looks like it needs work on tell me, but I think it looks good already.

I should note that the blackness on the pants is fixed, I didnt get pictures of that version though.

Yeah looks pretty cool, but the skin need a bit of work.

Cool, what would you say needs changing?

The text doesn’t seem to blend in the clothes and all in all this is just the default citizen sheet recolored.

with the reskin, i think you should try to get the trousers to have the same fabric as the shirt. but it looks good anyway.i agree with DMgania, the text should blend in more, but it wont take much work to do that.
well done

Oh DMGaina you perfectionist

Im not trying to seem like I know everything, but I have been in a prison visiting room, and I have made note of their uniform for something like this, and they have ALL white pants, white jacket, and they want the fonts to stand out, and the colors to stand out, SO we don’t want the skin to blend in the environment or blend in with anything, because well it wouldn’t authentic.
Don’t ask how I got into a visiting room…

The teaser was a bit disappointing since so little happened in it.

You lack the idea of a Teaser do you.

That’s what early production teasers look like mate.