Rainy flatgrass

I don’t know what’s he doing on flatgrass, but it looks great, I hope you like it:D

Needs more Zombies

It looks pretty good tbh, but the rain lacks depth and the resolution is pretty small.

I clicked on it, and it looks like it is lacking AA.

this is maximal resolution of my monitor. i wish i had bigger one…

Here you go, sonny.


The rain is fairly nice except that it lacks a little depth. Otherwise, it is a lot nicer than I expected from when I clicked on this thread.


Even bigger


and quality raped, thanks to the aliasing

Rain is pretty good, few can get it perfect.

it’s my first epierense with the rain in da photoshop

the rain is pretty good, splashes are awesome


I’m gonna take a stab and say you are 5omeone or someone else who is good at editing and already a member of this forum, judging by your join date, post count and grammar.

what do you mean?

ps.sorry for my english. I’m russian(actually from Ukraine but it’s almost the same)

new people aren’t allowed to be good at editing now?

that’s the maximum res of your monitor? you’re lucky. i have a 1204x768.

I’ve always wished for a real rainy-day flatgrass or construct :saddowns:

Nice rain edit.