Raise the Limit and Neurotoxin

Two VERY SIMPLE questions!

QUESTION ONE: Is there a damage type I can inflict a target with that will regenerate over time? Something just like Poison Headcrabs…
It would be great if it even regenerated for NPC’s, but I’d have to program that myself I believe.
I’m assuming using the Poison damage type will work, but I’m not entirely sure.

QUESTION TWO: Entity Limit?
There is an entity limit in the Source Engine.
What is that limit, and how could I raise that limit?

I’d respond to this, but you used bold font, as though you took me for retarded, and then furthered this gesture by summarizing such a short paragraph.

You know that’s technically a response, right?

That’s a response to the post, not the question.

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Damages that are restored over time ( according to the sdk ):


They restore health by dealing the player DMG_GENERIC damage, which is strange, but the way the game works.

Entity limit used to be 2,048(I think) and I think that number was multiplied by 4 IIRC

Well, using generic is strange… there’s probably a reason, but all I know is if you deal negative damage it will heal the target. There is a drown recover damage, idk why…

Yeah, I got 2048 from a google search. If it’s 8192 now (2048 x 2 = 4096, 2048 x 4 = 8192) that should be VERY helpful for my plans…

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The VDC seems to say it’s only 4096, but the limit of Hammer is 8192.
It also recommends grouping, uh… groups of entities, with a manager entity to lessen the “edicts”
I don’t know how I would do something like that, but it might end up being necessary for me.

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I want a really huge map, but I want it to be full of buildings and such. There aren’t entities there until you count decals or props. Static props are not a problem, but still.

The map may end up incorporating layers of map, essentially… more than one section of 4,000,000 square feet (32000x32000 units)

Compilation of this map will be a bitch alone, then debugging it? Lord help me! My computer would probably burn out!

Maybe to handle the entity limit…
I did have another idea, but it might become problematic at 16 players… Lua entities that will spawn or delete entities within a section, depending on whether or not a player is nearby. That might help if the objects don’t spawn until they are told to… but idk about compiling!

Even if that works, my computer will still likely burn out if I have to compile this thing more than once! Heck, not even mentioning the fact that it would take days for anything but a super computer to compile such a thing…

Well, simple enough thousands of NPC’s can be spawned by just one entity. That could be helpful. Make as many props as possible static, that helps. Make most doors brush-based, but don’t tie them to entities, just leave them open, that would also help. The entity count just keeps dropping!
The only problem there is that the VVIS time just keeps getting longer and longer…

I want a next version moaners club forum again so I can ‘moan’ about my desire for a severely increased edict limit.
Something I doubt they could do, though, is create the .dll files to allow more objects in Hammer.

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Just more edicts in Garry’s Mod

Hammer would be another persons project

Why on earth do you need more then 1000 entities on screen at the same time?

They won’t all be on screen, but they’re all on the server!

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Like, imagine if you were trying to group each Half-Life 2 level into one big map

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I do believe that’s the main reason they have more than one map for each level, to keep the edict count in check!

Clientside, you can have a ton of edicts, but on the server you’re limited to 4096, and that includes even the small thing you wouldn’t even consider, like bullets, player armor, player weapons, etc…

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I read that temporary entities don’t count (such as explosions, maybe bullets I suppose)

At the rate you’re asking questions here for this project, you’ll have to credit all of Developer Discussion when you make your release!

Well honestly, that’s what I planned on doing, but not by name… I actually thought, why not give credit to anyone and everyone in the gmod community?

Honestly, I’ll likely stop asking programming questions, but level design is a different subject.

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I already have a lot of credits to dish out anyway, mostly for ideas and redirection, aside from the facepunch community…

It’s a huge ass project, and if I want it to work so fluidly, I know there would be high edict requirement. For that matter, a higher network data requirement (for non-lua content) would be needed too…

On the other hand, I COULD split the game up into more than one map… but that would force all players to work in the same individual area each time. I don’t want that, I want each player to be able to do their own thing, run around and free roam…

Maybe I’m asking too much from source at that point?

Yes I think so. A long time ago I palyed a goldsource mod called Master Sword: Continued
Essentially you would go on adventures, and progress through the map leveling up your proficiency and working together through difficult maps for new loot and gear.

They divided up the seperate maps, and had “connector points” where you could walk up and press Enter to call a votemap to that area. Even though the “World map” could be larger, the subdivided the maps in order to work well for the mod. I remember the server crashing due to some crazy fights or lots of things going on, because num_edicts ran out.

I don’t think it was a bad thing, because it was a community effort, you just needed more 8 slot servers for “parties” to play together. So maybe you help them on one map, and then you vote and they help you on the map you wanted to go to.

I believe the solution is to use SERVER resources sparingly, and go absolutely bonkers on clientside entities and effects. Most people want to just do it on the server because it’s easier to code or they don’t think they will hit the cap, or just plain don’t think about it until it becomes an issue. I believe the pointshop is a good example of how clientside models can be tracked and propagated to all players, without the server having to worry about any of the entities.

The worst case of having too many clientside entities seems to be lag, which goes away after they have been cleaned up. Servers run out of edicts and either crash or lag so bad that all the clients are forced to disconnect or retry connections. Poor servers.

Doesn’t Gmod tower have a thing where it has a “lobby” server, which hops users to many other minigame servers?

That is actually a great idea, you could have a town server, and a chain of servers running each “map”.
Then using the connection point system you could send them to the appropriate server, could even have load balancing and party system* if you get fancy enough.

*ex ((treat players as a pair, so if one map server has 1 slot, you send them to another map server that has 2 slots))

That would require a VPS to have multiple servers on though, or worse, multiple GSP servers

In reply to all… there will just be one big problem with that, granted the story elements.

This ‘gamemode,’ or set of them, would be able to load many, many gameplay styles when desired.

That’s not the main problem… the main problem is the fact that… without leveling up/down, the player will not be fully uh… well, they’ll have a lot of difficulties early on just doing things as simple as walking. It’s a long story that I’d prefer as much as possible not to spoil, this alone is saying too much!

The issue there is simply… well, why make them do something they absolutely can’t?

Let me add another issue, there would be side content. I want to be able to have cars, fast cars (maybe just 9,800 to 10,000 units/second but still), and that would be best with a huge map. Also, there would be side activities available. I don’t want the need to place them in every individual map, I want them always available!

All of that is complicated, this whole thing will be complicated, but there is always one very simple thing I can say…

I would LOVE to have this thing be Free-Roam!!!

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I could do a different map for each gameplay style, but that would restrict some users from participating in their own missions.

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Look, I know it’s not good for me to focus on the negative, but that’s what I’m looking for help on! It’s not that difficult to split up a huge compilation into sections, so I’ll still continue trying to make one huge map right now, but in the future I may split it up as suggested, as was my original idea.

The “One Huge Map” idea only occurred to me within the past week or so, in an effort to allow each player have their own personal campaign. If they intersect other players they can help them, too… but still.

Now, clientside npc’s would be a problem but perhaps a necessity to keep the packet use, the edict use, low enough. The only problem I currently see with that is the excessive use of networked variables if I want to damage or kill the player.

All visual things can, of course, be clientside, but Hammer will still limit me to 8192 compile entities. Compile entities includes more things than the actual entities, such as things that are static and nonfunctional. In game those don’t count, but they do to hammer.

That was a novel worth of text! I think most, if not all details are important.

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Also please note, all suggestions are welcome.
As for credits, I will reference everyone as a group, per thread, maybe not every name unless desired. The individual that actually solves the problem specifically, according to me opinion, and the FIRST one to do so will get their desired screen name on the credits.

I must say, I will avoid asking programming questions as much as possible! If I run into a problem I will do non-stop research until I find a solution.
Mapping might just be this one thread… I should really be grouping everything together anyway,

where can I make a mega thread for my gamemode, if allowed anywhere? Is there a better place for a help thread, or is that simply out of the question entirely?

Limiting my questions in such a way should help keep the credited names lower, but I might want more names just to fit my favorite songs into the credits :dance:

Unfortunately, I myself can’t host servers. I can’t seem to manually port forward on this network, and I’m also not the one paying for it… family, they don’t want to change it.
I’m not on wireless.

tips fedora

Alright, here’s the new idea…
I don’t know if you ever played ‘Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage’, or for that matter, any of the PlayStation 1 ‘Spyro the Dragon’ games, but each one has a set of different “worlds” (kind of like the multiple Super Mario franchises)

‘Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage’ happens to have seasonal worlds:

Summer Forest
Autumn Plains
Winter Tundra

My new idea would be basically the same thing, divide the game by season. The first set of missions is in Spring, the second set of missions is in summer, the third set of missions is in the fall, the fourth set of missions is in the winter, and any further expansions would rinse and repeat.

This thing likely won’t start out with too many missions, but as it advances more and more would be added. Unfortunately that means downloading map updates, and maybe even Lua updates to this project.

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Honestly, based on the content matter it would span over a year minimum.
even still, I would need a decent amount of objects if I want to group all missions on the same map, which IS what I want to do!

Map voting could be done, I would still try not to use the HUD, but rather a sensible 2D-3D VGui screen. It would only allow voting for maps that have already been completed/passed (like an exam) on that specific server.

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This might double post, but I do have to say this…

My mind is so freaking creative I don’t even have time to make one level before different project ideas come to my mind. I may love a project idea, but then I think of another and I want to do that instead. I’ve never stuck with one idea long enough to complete it, so the plan was to produce something where I could incorporate any project I wanted to! Throw in a story for the main focus, a campaign, and have a creation that will satisfy, but never end!