Raise the Limit and Neurotoxin

Can you achieve all these ideas though? Oh god my brain is hurting from all this creativeness.

It will take a really, really long time to complete all of my goals for this project alone. This is a huge project, so it’s my only project in focus. I haven’t started any others, but I have them in mind.

99% of my ideas for major projects are too large or detailed for me to do alone in any decent amount of time!

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My plan was to build the basic game and maybe three or four missions before release… I may release small segments as stand-alone content early, though

Of course, this is heavily affected by my work schedule… I have next to no time to work on this project because of that!
I guess I can also blame Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battle Field 4, and Grand Theft Auto V… each one of them eats time! Perhaps I need self control? Idk…

From what I’ve read on this, you’re really going to be testing the source engine and you’d probably have to go GMod Tower style if it’s going to be as big as you say. This sounds like a fantastic project, but with the limits of the source engine; you’re going to be bound with problems.

I don’t think he’ll run into problems unless he goes through with the 10,000 units/second vehicles and stuff, if he’s willing to put time in it wouldn’t be too difficult to make it work, just time consuming.

Great concept and good luck!

Thanks. T3HK4T is right in a way, I really need to consider my budget while I make this. As long as I don’t go too high on the detail it should work fine! I might have to abandon the idea of real time bullets though…