Raising Brush Limits in "vbsp.exe" Compiler

First of all, I have spent the last 3 months making my very best map of late with a friend, it is a TF2 Jailbreak map that is supposed to be the most detailed JB map available.

The way it works is many different minigames are built into the map themed as a jail, usually a jailbreak map is stripped down, boxy, and not very functional.

This map was supposed to be different, I did some meticulous work getting the games to work flawlessly, count score, and do lots of little things that aren’t available in most games. This bit me in the butt when I found the error, “Too many brush models in map, max = 1024” this map is LOADED with props but I have that under control by making them static props to avoid the Ed Alloc crash. So the culprit must be my detailed minigames. I am 90% sure it is because of all my func_door, func_breakable, func_detail, and trigger_multiple brushes.

As seen in this screenshot, this is how detailed my bowling minigame is, the grey bars you see are all func_door to clean up the game after a bowl, of course the highlighted brushes are my trigger brushes, and remember this system repeats for 6 lanes.

I really can’t go on if this is hammer’s brush limit, I am only half done and for those who will scold me for using too many brushes, these are the most complicated games, the rest that I have to build is basic.

I wanted to edit the code for vbsp.exe and raise MAX_MAP_MODELS or whatever it is from 1024 to 4096. I have tried programs like NetBeans and Visual Studio c++ but I am code dumb. Has anyone else had this problem where they need to exceed hammer’s limits? I would love it if a talented coder could modify vbsp’s limits, I would be so damn grateful I would definetely credit you in the map.

It’s been a while since I’ve mapped for Source, but do func_ brushes count towards the brush limit?
As a sidenote, you really shouldn’t be throwing a big box around the map to plug leaks

Its my temporary skybox, I am about 40% done with the map so it doesn’t matter to me right now

There are no leaks in the compile log so don’t worry about that…

For those who don’t know the error is “Too many brush models in map, max = 1024”

Use propper, increasing brush limit produces unreadable BSP’s

I’m not near the brush face limit or world brush limit, its the functional brushes that are stopping me

Are all your func_details individual entities? Turn them back into world brushes and put them into groups and func_detail the groups

They are func_detail groups, there is no one individual func_detail

I am led to believe func_details count towards this limit too so I tempted to make them world brushes

Just turn the func_details into props and then make them prop_statics, prop statics don’t count towards either brush limits or final entity limits iirc, they get turned into part of the world at compile time.

I don’t need to use propper guys, I got the Too many brush models error before I had a single func_detail in my map. I thought making func_detail would fix the problem but apparently it is adding more to it.

Could we see the compile log?

Only running vbsp at normal

Ignore the water log stuff, I added that string in my custom water texture and I didn’t even need it

You **only **compiled vbsb.exe? that could be your issue, try compiling with everything at normal (or vvis at quick)