Raising the flag on Iwo Jima


seen this done badly so many times

pleasantly surprised


He’s saying that this is one of the few times where the pose and editing are actually good and do the original photograph justice, and not just a lolpose.

He just explained he’s seen it been done badly an X amount of times.



I can’t see anything?

uppix is slow as shit recently

cool picture

Amazing work, except for the ground which is too. . . Urban destroyed house rubble.

This almost makes me wanna salute an American flag.
It’s a good thing I’m already American, or I might actually do it.

Somebody who doesn’t understand english.

Good to know you can at least explain it deeper in english.

foreground looks a bit pasted on though.


Nicely done!

Agreed. This picture has been terribly done so many times.
But DeniskaSo, yours is delightful.

I think I remember there being more people in the original photograph, but overall the pose looks fine.

Great recreation in general but the blatantly obvious Vietnam-era Marines is a turn off for me. It feels completely out of place.


I had no choice but to go derper.

That’s what the ground looked like at the top Mount Suribachi.