Rally Car Championship

It’s time this forum gets some more challenges.

In this challenge, you (obviously) build two (or just modify one) rally cars; one for Group A and one for Group B. SIMPLE and I made a map just for the competition.

Example of a rally car:


In this championship, you will win by having the lowest combined times of both cars’ runs overall. So, if we do two or three courses, this means whoever with the lowest overall time wins the championship. Here’s a perk however; you can lower your overall time-score by scoring your vehicle on these points (max of 10 per car):
(i may add one or two)

:siren:New Feature!:siren:
It’s been brought to my attention that teams would be a very cool addition to this. Codrivers and shit. Do it!

So, say you had an overall timescore of 4:30, if you scored all high marks for your cars, your time would be reduced to 3:50. Each second could be vital! (and for you eurofags, don’t worry, we will be running this on Sax’s EU and Sax’s US for americunts.)

I may also build a car for those who want to compete but don’t want to build, however, you will receive no score for the car judging.

To clarify: You will run 4 runs per map, 2 for each car.


Group A:
-Wheel powered; must not use a wheel larger than a 40 diameter offroad wheel
-Full bodied; your wheels must be covered, have a roof, and contain at least two seats.
-A suspension and steering is not required, however, you will suffer on the courses and in the realism judging category!

Group B:
-Same rules as Group A with exception that you can use any kind of propulsion to achieve sadistic speeds.
Your car may do 0-60 in .2 seconds, but you have to be able to control it going through the courses, and they are not as easy as you think. (:

As usual, 3 judges will be included, and you will have 3 weeks to build and race your car!

Penis Colada

This is the map that will be used for one of the runs:

If you do not have a group B car or A car ready, you will be automatically given a time of 3 minutes for each run that the car is absent. So, if you only have a Group A car, you will receive a 3 minute penalty per run that your group B car should have done, and vice versa if you lack a group A car. If you so choose to use a loaner car from me, you can only use loaner cars. You cannot mix your own cars and my cars.


3 weeks? I could have one up and running in a few hours.

O.o this is a good idea, looks like a good map/maps? too.

This looks good, rules are solid and mappers are fucking 1337 (lal)
Audi represent.

This is a run me and Karb did on the map while testing it.

a what now.

I’ll probably join if I ever get around to building a car.

good for you, but not everyone can. some actually put work into making their cars perfect, instead of “up and running”

Should be good fun.

I’ll probably be a judge, unless I enter.

Some people, you know, have lives.

whats the music in the video

and can i be judge since im not playing gmod til i upgrade to 7

Ed Harrison - Nimbus

Awww… Why not the World Rally Car era.

Finally I can Relog into facepunch after being banned for god knows how long.

Also I am t3h master driver according to my steam naem, derrfor can i judge da lap time instead of kyle, becau3s he has da das chrons and athritis, and cant plei vidya gaems.3

I’ll do a Lancia Delta Group B, a Quattro Group B our a 205 Group B. Piece Of Cake

What, what the map requires ep2 :confused:

don’t make the quattro :frowning: I’m making that one :((((((((((((


Focus RS(O) for A and B :smiley:

scoff scoff scoff

dammit, I want in, but would somebody tell me how to get wire svn and all this new crap working, and all them new models the kids are playing with.

uhm, what server will this all bee going down on?? and what are we using to move the cars… just thrusters?? or forcer engine,thurster engines…?? e2 engines???

“we will be running this on Sax’s EU and Sax’s US for americunts.”
“Same rules as Group A with exception that you can use any kind of propulsion to achieve sadistic speeds.”

ive never been on “sax’s US/EU” servers… Ip link’s would be nice