Rally Car

A rally car I’ve been working on recently. It’s loosely based on the STI if you can’t tell.

Too much drifting?

yeah, fucking massive oversteer. The body’s really nicely formed, but it’s rather plain…a few more detail props on the inside and a softer suspension would go a long way, in my personal opinion.

Not really much of a rally car. Looks like my buddy’s Geo, though.

The drifting is controllable, it’s on a button. Think of the button as an e-brake, or a way to take the traction away from the rear tires. I meant to ask if I showed too much drifting in the video.

The drifting works like this. I have a thruster-speedo system set up on the base prop to correct for oversteer automatically. It actually has really great handling. Then, theres a button that turns the system off, therefore enabling the crazy oversteer.

I think the hood is too low and the roof is too tall, if you fixed that it’d be a decent car

It looks like it weighs 3 kg. You need to fix that. And I also think you could have put a bit more time into the design of it to make it more proportional. It’s nothing major with the looks of it, but it couldn’t hurt to make it a little prettier. Other than that I think it’s quite nice.

What do you mean it looks like it weighs 3kg? In what way? And I think the hood is the biggest problem with the aesthetics. If I get motivated i’ll clean it up a bit. I tried to use less props than I usually do on this, but that didn’t really work out. It never does. 300 props plus.

What? Does your car have 300 props?

More. I don’t understand how, It adds up quickly.

I quite literally cracked open IRL.

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I lol’d.

i thought this is like 90 props

Doesn’t it look like it? It doesn’t make much sense.