Rally Raid T1 Truck thingy

Reskin of the MMU reskin of the Frontlines: Fuels of War Russian jeep.

Sadly I cannot add as many logos as I intended due to mirroring.

Stuff to do:
Alpha out the machine gun turret and armour plating.
Brighten up the black bits.
Dirty it up.
Make 2 more liveries.
Make the body of the vehicle reflective instead of matt, but not where I dirty it up.

Love it, great job so far!



Made the black brighter and sorted out some mud.

Part-way through making a blue Red Bull livery.

Looks great, but how you they spray the DC logo on under those bars? That part looks a bit odd.

Hm yeah I was wondering about that. Do you think I should make it look sprayed over the bars too?

Those are decals, they aren’t sprayed on or anything. You could easily cut the decal where necessary and apply it underneath the bars (after removing them of course).

So cut around the bars or pasted/painted onto the bars? Which would look better?

Nice work there!