Ralph (Rampage Total Destruction Wii)

That big blue wolf maybe everyone knows.


  • Eye posing (same iris as Lizzie because he and she both have the same colour irises)
  • Finger posing
  • Four sizes (1x regular, 2x big, 5x bigger, 9x giant)
  • Jaw posing via physgun (to accommodate the sizes)





Things to note:

  • This model is hard to pose because I had some trouble compiling the physmodel. (Crashed the compiler for some reason.) Had to jury rig the physmodel instead.
  • The facial fur (not including in the middle of the head) only has one side. (Only visible from the front.)
  • The model isn’t symmetrical (some distortions here and there including an asymmetrical face) because the idle animations in the game were too animated. (Couldn’t get a decent pose to rip.)


Also on Toybox.

Nice job.


Now all that’s needed is George and the Rampage trio is complete! : D

Fantastic work on both Lizzie and Ralph!


Now this is a big ass wolf! :smiley: Nice job, Ooga!


Nice job.

Also, gonna get clocks for this, but… they made another Rampage game and I didn’t hear about it?!

Oh my god, nostalgia.

Childhood Memories!!!

Released in 2006. :v: I’m not surprised seeing as the majority of gaming sites rated this game quite low. Probably wasn’t as popular either.

I’m enjoying this Rampage releases and plus Ralph’s always been my favorite

Keep it up with the Rampage models

Oooooooh. Okay. :smiley:

Ralph owns.