Ram: The Melon Thief

This is my very first Machinima attempt. I would appreciate CC since I will be continuing making more. Yeah, I did leave my health bar on one time lol. Won’t happen again. I tried to utilize RagMorph to my advantage such as making him pick up the Melon and tip toe like actions since most video with RagMorph is stupid.

definitely one of the best first ive seen in along time.
your new so there is nothing I can say you need to change, maybe keep it a little original IE use a different kind of music style, seems too much like a dasboshitt take off.
easy 5/5 for a first.

No wifin in the club!!! gimme 20 dollas!

Nice job :slight_smile: Keep making more.

Thanks and I will take your advice ScoutKing. Well, dasboshitt did inspire to create machinima but I will try something new and original.

Whoa. I have no idea why, but I just got an amazing idea.

And your video made me laugh, Yay for innovative use of Ragmorph! :smiley:

RagMorph’s good too if you have a personal skin and don’t have a playermodel. Or use a model without a playermodel. V 1.2 has it as a Stool.

Still hate it. But if people use it like this (with an actual purpose) i have no problem with it.

Hate it cause you cant figure out how to use it? Hah just kiddin man.

Good video but a few tips

o Try to make the scenes shorter. Like at the beginning, watching him walk aint that interesting, cut them up to a few walking scenes from a few angles like 1-2 seconds long.

o Try to use original music. Although the common music fits the situation most of the time, it is very unoriginal and it gets annoying to hear it over and over. Try to find another song or soundtrack for your videos. Who knows, maybe one day people will use songs from your videos :wink:

o Dont use Ragmorph on ragdolls that dont need it. It just makes them twitch and there’s no actual use of the Ragmorph at that time.

o In the Wine cellar scene, Dont make the cop walk around for too long, or just beat up that box for 5 seconds. It gets boring (This is kinda like the first tip)

o 3:29 Im guessing you used an NPC for no apparent reason. The quicker and more fun way would’ve been acting him by yourself.

o Most of the time Super jumps like in 3:35 are best to be concealed and just make him run up to his robot or jump without sprinting.

o In the end was he supposed to be twitching or was he supposed to be flying?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips! But he was supposed to be flying lol. Dog is really a glitchy model so he kept twitching. Actually, I didn’t even use any hoverballs or anything, he just flew up there and I took the shot. Anyways, thanks again for the tips and I will use it for my later videos.

Wait is ratings now limited to the OP now? WTF? No Automerge?

I lol’d

Really good!

It was pretty good but definitely too slow, the pacing should have been faster.