Ram vs. CPU for Dedicated

Alright so my community currently has a server with 32 gb, 6cores/6threads, 3.1GHz+/3.5 GHZ burst.

We are going to be moving to a new dedicated due to having issues with the location of our server and our player base.

Currently our server is in Eastern Canada, we are looking at moving to a dedicated in Dallas as we mainly have players from US West Coast to US East Coast.

My question is, is what is more important for game servers, ram or the cpu/ores/etc…

A lot of US based hosting seems to cost more than our current host (OVH) and to get roughly the same specs with ram/hard disk space the price is quite significant.

32 gb overkill?

We currently host the following on our server with no performance issues:
8 GMOD Servers (Might be going down to 6 just out of a lack of interest in 2 servers)
1 Rust Server (Currently down at the moment but will be looking to put back up)
1 CS:GO 10 pop server
We also have our forums and TeamSpeak on it as well.

Please try and keep all replies on topic, thanks!

you will never use 32 gb for 8 server that would be maxed cause srcds is a 32-bit progress
so it can only use a maximum of 4 gb this will never happen usually between 0.5 and 1 gb ram
the hard disk yeah that’s on the side of how big the content etc is + reserves and os etc IK but I guess you can figure that out yourself
the cpu idk directly cause it’s late but I’m sure you will get some other answers elsewise I will check some things out
EDIT: I did check some things but to answer the question fully I should know how many players are on your gmod server
what gamemodes their on and what tickrates their are set

**Prop Hunt **- 30 POP
Hide and Seek (This is our most populated server and usually the only one that constantly has players on it) set at 26 max players.
Murder - 20 Pop but going away after October (Lack of interest)
Climb - 40 Pop - Not active all the time and usually doesn’t get over 10-15 people
HeavyBalls - 40 Pop - Usually Dead though
EFT - 40 POP - sometimes it gets busy and will get up to no more than like 25-30 players but some days completely dead
**Surf **- 20 Pop - Currently in development and not live
Cinema - 12 Pop - Only for our VIP members

Tickrate is set to 33 for all servers.

We may put a 26 pop TTT server up when we move also in place of Murder.

the gamemodes are heavy optimised and your tickrate does the in fact
infect the cpu the most but since it’s not at 100 you shouldn’t have any problems
keep in mind srcds isn’t multitreaded so it can use one core and since 6 cores and
6 server there can’t be a problem otherwise if you have other cpu(with you should check iduvidually)
with less cores there also woudn’t be a problem if you have any specific dedi in mind maybe post them

We were planning on going with this:

3.5GHz Quad-Core E3-1270 v2 Ivy Bridge Xeon
160GB SSD (Primary)
1 or 2 TB HD (Secondary)
Windows Server 2008 R2

Was also possibly looking into:

(Need our server location to be in Texas ideally which is why I was looking at certain companies)

I don’t know about the non gmod servers but you’ll max your CPU before you max your ram. 32gb is likely plenty.

the ram will surely be good enough and I think you shouldn’t have any troubles with the cpu side too.
in other words 100% sure of the amount of ram 98% sure of the cpu but normally it wouldn’t be a problem

OP, do you even know what RAM and CPU are even used for? Unless each of the servers running on your machine takes 3 gigs of ram to run, then yes, 32gb is overkill. As for the CPU, I honestly don’t know much about this particular one, but I imagine it might complain about running 8 gmod servers and 2 other random servers all at one time.

Multithreading in software is different than multithreading in hardware. Each server process isn’t going to hog an entire core.

IK I yust wanted to be clear that their wouldn’t be any troubles with the one he chose