I’m using 8GB G. Skill Ripjaws X 1600 DDR3 but after playing Rust for a while it starts using over 7GB+ (using RivaTuner) and sometimes the game freezes. :shock:

My question about this is if I can fix this problem buying 8gb more or not.

Post your full pc specs.

no it cant there is a memory leak in the game causing this issue the devs need to find it and fix it

Asus H81 Gamer Edition
i5-4690k @4.3
MSI GTX 960 2G overclocked
8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600
WD Black 1TB
Windows 10 Pro x64

Confirm memory leak.

I remember a reported memory leak from a long while back, if it’s the same one then that is one elusive leak.

Looks good so far. I think it’s a rust related problem.

I would upgrade anyway, more ram can’t hurt.

I’m also ending up with memory leak, after about 3 hours of continuous play, rust is using 6.7gb of ram…

Didn’t happen pre-update.


before update

2x2.8 proccesor
and graphic 512mb

after update…

4x proccesor
8gb ram minimum
and graphic 1/2gb

to have got 25-35 fps…, its stupid…

I finally bought the new RAM, it should be here tomorrow. At the moment I can play without freezes the first 2-3 hours with only 8GB, but when I open Chrome the computer is working very slow and Rust freezes easily.

Let’s hope it can be solved with 16GB.

ive monitored my memory when the game is up without joining a server it uses 3.5 gb of ram.
After connecting to a server it sits a 5gb then over 25 mins it climbs to your max ram doesnt
matter if you have more than 8gb of ram it will continue to climb till it maxes out. In which
you’ll have to exit the game start all over it a pain in the ass. No game should require more
that 4gb of ram. im mean come on cad and doing video rendering doesn’t use this much ram.

Also the speed that it climbs depends on the amount of players on the server.

Here’s a screen of rust starting to max out my ram and look at all the hard faults per second which bad within its self.