"Ramirez, enjoying the view?...TAKE OUT THAT BUG!" - Dongo Attack



First snow edit, so if you do feel like leaving some criticism, aim it towards da snow.

looks really good, everything perfect
good job

looks pretty cool have an artistic

I wish I was as good as you. I’m going to go do a first person pose now. :buddy:

I wasn’t sure if there was too much snow, but I guess it is a snow storm. :v:

Can you feel that? That’s the envy of all who view this…it’s that good

Wow Urbanator is on the roll here. One awesome screenshot after the other. I wish I was as productive and imaginative with “decent” screenshots as I am with my porn shots:biggrin:

Very good. Arty it is. But what the hell is that thing?

Fucking awesome. The glow from the fire is really awesome. Nice hectic, first-person view too although the rifle looks a little small.

Yeah, I have loads of ideas rolling round in the back of ma skull. Its just finding the time to do them.
Oh, that would be a Dongo, a native creature to the planet E.D.N. III. It belongs to the hideous race of aliens known as the Akrid. This is all from Lost Planet.

Thanks! :smiley:

Could you upload Lost Planet models, please?! …they were removed from Garrysmod.org

  • Nice pic, man :smiley:


Amazing, have an arty.

People are gonna be out of compliments if you keep posting so many awesome pictures in so little time man.

Looks awesome!

I still have yet to figure out where these models are from…

Anyways, very nice!

Well, it would be very helpful, if someone would upload LOST PLANET models somewhere, again…

Boy, I can’t wait to bomb some DONGOS.

Holy shit…
I was expecting a MW2 guy going after a fly or something with a knife.

Holy Shit thats amazing