"RAMIREZ! Get us some food yah?" Ramirez gets some food from attacked Market.


Quickie :stuck_out_tongue:

“RAMIREZ!!! Get me some Pringles!!!”

“RAMIREZ!!!, give me a kiss…it gets lonely out here sometimes…”


Fear and Loathing anyone?

I lol’d.

So they treat Ramirez like a maid because of his last name?




I love these.

Great posing and use of DoF, also made me lol hard!

What is Ramirez’s last name?? o,…,o

Ramirez is his last name.

I call the sour cream pringles!

Well, technically that’s not really Ramirez since he doesn’t have his shades like on the MW2 Title. :expressionless:

By all means, one could easily claim that isn’t Ramirez. He’s just a faceless character you control, a step below Gordon Freeman in that regard.

Although they both share the trait of having to do everything for everyone else.

I lold :slight_smile:


I can’t sarge!


This is the only meme thing i like making

“make it have one of those cute little yellow smiley faces!”


I got it immediately lol.