RAMIREZ! Take down that flashbang with this tactical nuke! (Ramirez does something)

Ramirez theme:

And may GOD help you, you little piece of grey shit.


**:siren:DOUBLE FEATURE TIME!:siren:

RAMIREZ! Take down the EMP with this AC-130!


That’s Dunn down there if you wanted to know.

The bonus pose makes no sense whatsoever. Why would they be flying that low? Why would there only be one person in the cockpit? Why is a Marine/Army Ranger, whatever, flying a plane?

Don’t try to make sense of it.

It’s RAMIREZ! jokes, they’re not supposed to make sense.

The first one’s DoF is good, and the posing looks alright. But Ramirez is clipping through the seat in the AC130 picture. Good work!

This meme is gettin’ old.

To me it’s still funny. At least some of them are.

If they’re good ones, then they’re still funny.

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