Ramnode vps?

This is my second question and I appologize for my lack of knowledge on this but I really want to get this right.
I’m looking at different ramnode vps’s for my TTT gmod server, Does anyone have any suggestions on which one I should get?
Right now my price cap is 20$ and i’m only running one server. Thanks vera mooch! :smiley:

Ramnodes website:http://www.ramnode.com/index.php

Virtual Private Servers are really not for game servers. They Lag It makes your more prone to Denial of Service attacks. Vm’s (Virtual machines) Are really not good for hosting Game servers let alone most VM Host’s do not allow game servers to be ran on their systems. Because they don’t allocate CPU to your it’s shared so your server is taking high CPU (Which Garry’s mod does) it will lag every other client on their network.

If you’re just going to host one server with a price cap of $20, you be better off getting a flat gameserver from NFOservers. They give you a 20 slot server for $20, which includes webhosting, and an optional Murmur/Mumble server if you get a 8+ slot server.

The benefits of getting a VPS afaik is being able to run more than 1 server on it[?], and having more system resources. I’ve also never heard of RamNode servers before, and I haven’t heard anything “bad” about NFO.

This is if you dont do your research.
Personally im using a vps from nfo and i have had no problems with it running my gmod server and stress tested. Problem is it needed 3gb minimum so i needed to pay for the extra ram. This costed me 40 bucks. Twice the Op’s budget.

There are benefits and downsides to a vps. Vps’ from nfo i had no problems with but you need to up the specs from default which costed me 40 USD. Moreover your internet limit is capped per month at 2TB. You are not given a website or a teamspeak/murmur unless you pay extra.
The benefit to a vps over a gameserver is you have free rein and its easier to control then from a control panel and ftp in my opinion.

I have a 16GB VPS with 12 cores, and they are all clocked at about 3.6 GHz from Thomashost.com

You can look at the prices, and they are quite cheap for the amount of stuff you get, and I have been with them for 3+ months. And also, its a KVM Windows 2008 Enterprise, so you can actually see what your doing instead of a command prompt with a Linux distro.

I am running 12 servers on this VPS with apache, TCA2 and IIS installed, and we still get no lag at all.

I just ordered here. Prices seem more than fair. The $ to € conversion was much in my advantage as well. Their website/control panel is not the fanciest but does what it should do. Currently waiting for my VPS to be processed.

If the OP has the time, I’ll review this link later in this thread.

Can you fuckers NOT advertise? The op asked if what he picked out was good and in his price range.
You could have answered instead of (what appears to be) blatent advertising.
Albeit even if your being truthful with feedback, this isnt the thread for it. MORESO. If your going to do this. Put a price tag on what it costed for the OP and make sure its in his range.

I was going to go with ramnode at first OP but i decided to go with NFO instead. Personally your not going to get ANYTHING GOOD with 20 bucks, at that price you should just look at GSP’s. Double your budget and you can get something nice.


Why are you appointing us to the rules, when you are foul mouthing other members. Youre not a moderator. You tell us not to advertise but you are directing him to NFO yourself?

Am I? I just told him what I use. I didnt go “this is super l33t pro awesomeness must use.”

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In reponse to op’s question:
-4GB of ram is ideal for what you need,
-Storage is a bit low, and you probably don’t want RAID 10, go for RAID 1 instead.
-You probably won’t need 6 CPU cores (unless its an AMD cpu). 4 should be enough for one server and various other applications.
-port speed is more than enough for one server.
-1TB trafic is a tiny bit on the low side though.

But all in all, you have your self a bargin. Although I would suggest you look in to alternatives.

Why do you need 4GB of RAM for an application that won’t usually use more than 512MB?
Why do you need more than 15GB of space?
Why do you need 4+ CPU cores for an application that can’t use more than 1?
Why do you need more than 1TB of traffic for this? I ran a server that hosted file mirrors and a game server with 30+ players constantly online and I’m pretty sure I barely used more than 1TB a month

NFO VPS is the way to go, in my experience they have a good configuration and I am using the single Core Windows, which gives me 1GB of ram, 100GB of storage, and 1TB of connection.

Not to mention I am running a heavy TTT server, which achieved 34 out of 42 player slots(I never raised the slots higher yet, but it isn’t really needed.) I checked the task manager, it was only using 400MB of ram, and 30 percent of the CPU. I also run Teamspeak and WAMP(For MySQL user storage).

I so far have no issues and it runs smoothly on low pings. Still using them since last month.