Rampage Servers

Info about mod.

It will be a CTF and a CP Game mode for gmod.
At launch there will be 2 CTF maps and the CTF Mode.5 Default Classes
and 2 classes that can be bought and 1 UPG for each class.

The 5 Default Classes Are

MedicThe Medi-Gun(like tf2) A Pistol and a Knife. Has 100 hp and Default Run Speed.

ScoutLight Shotgun, Pistol, Knife. Has 75 hp and a fast run speed.

Light Soldier Light SMG, Pistol, Knife. Has 125 hp and medium-default run speed.

EngineerPistol, Building Kit, Knife. Has 100 hp, and default run speed.

Demolitions Man Grenades, Rocket Launcher and Knife. Has 100 hp and medium run speed.

Unlockable Classes at Launch

Medium Soldier Has a Medium SMG, Medium Pistol and knife. 150hp and medium walk speed.

Sniper Has a Sniper Rifle( does 70 dmg per hit and 150 on a head shot ) Pistol and knife. 75 hp and default run speed.


Classes and Props can be bought using Cash. Cash is earned via kills or captures. 25 Cash per kill, 250 per control point or flag capture and 1k per match won. 1 Bronze Coin is given per match won.

You can also buy bronze coins. 1k Cash = 1 Bronze Coin, 1 Bronze Coin = 950 Cash.

2 Bronze Coins can buy a Temporary Match only Class Buff(example, +50 hp for light soldier)

10 Bronze Coins can buy a Permanent Upgrade for a class (example +30 run speed for scout)

There are gold coins which can only be bought via money. 1 Gold coin can change a visual appearance of your model and 5 can buy the Special, Gold Coin only Permanent buff for a class, (example demo’s grenade is changing into a cluster grenade)

Buying Thing with Money

1$ can buy either 4k Cash or 3 Bronze Pieces.

2$ can buy 1 gold piece

10$ can buy Platinum Membership.

Platinum Members get the following benefits.

They get 50 Cash a kill, 500 cash a control point or flag capture and 1.750 cash per team win. 2 Bronze Pieces are given per team win.

Platinum members also can not be banned for more then 3 days(unless they hacked)
they can not be Perma-Banned and they get 2x as much voting power for a vote kick, and map vote and game mode vote.

The first 3 days of game launch member ship will be 5$

** Feal free to register at the forums ahead of time and to be up to date on the game mode’s progression**http://z6.invisionfree.com/RampageServers/index.php?act=idx

Looking cool.
A little off-topic: Are you the HoliestCow on my friendlist? If so, get on 3:


The idea of a platinum immunity never goes well from admining a place that had it.

It seems fairly interesting, like a nice FW meets TF2, good luck with finishing it.

thanks, the engineer can make props, and specail props when ever, and in CP maps the defending team gets a 60 second, build phase where props are automatically instant finished. dont worry, the admining will be done by me and two of my friends at launch.

Yes, hitman5005 is helping the mod, but he is not the main admin or is helping with mod, just a trustworthy admin.