Rampant AFKing with the new queue system

I’m sure it isn’t only on my server but other servers as well that have a sizeable amount of players. The queue system has made people not want to have to wait hours to get back into the game, thus causing the AFK for as long as you want mindset, which in turn reinforces the length of the queue for people trying to get in. Should there not be an auto kick feature for players who are afk for a long time?

Maybe make it a server option, but it isn’t something I would want on servers I play on. The crafting times can be very long when making large batches of gunpowder and other things. The pickaxes take like 3 minutes to make just one. Want 10 pickaxes? Wait 30 minutes… It is bad enough we have to wait so long to craft stuff, now throw in an idle kicker, combined with the auto-cancel of crafting when you get disconnected, and I would be a very pissed player…

I’m sure there would be a way to program it so that crafting while sitting still doesn’t trigger you as AFK. Large percentages of people are AFKing for long periods of time because of the queue system which is just making things even worse, if they can implement this without kicking AFK crafters it’d be fine.

They’re just gonna have to find a new server… or wait, like honestly why does one server need to be populated so much?

Well the server I play on is sometimes close to capacity but most times just 80% full or so. The afking has caused it to be permanently full with at least a 20 person queue all day

A simple 30 min afk kick if not crafting would be sufficient. If you didn’t move after 30 minutes and arn’t crafting, you obviously aren’t doing anything. Even someone camping a door would be looking around constantly.

I understand that my wipe day queue was 3 hours. But since noone is logging out, I’m still getting hour and a half queues and the servers are increasingly dead as more and more people realize they have to afk if they want to not waste their own time.

Pretty soon as more and more people realize they need to stay in game whenever they stop playing, it’ll get to the point where some lower capped servers are just constantly full with no way to get in because every dude isn’t logging out. I’m exaggerating a bit, but just saying I see it getting worse instead of better.

Would just be abused by making a lot of whatever item is cheapest with the longest craft timer. It needs to be a standard AFK kick, regardless of crafting. Of course this should be accompanied by a reworking of the crafting times so people can still refine all their shit without getting kicked.

agree 100%. besides, sitting afk in a base crafting for hours on end is not playing rust, why take up a server slot?