Rampant Hackers - Cant Report them because their name goes invis when they toggle....

Drop the tools and lets get a ban Wave going… every cunt and their mother toggles on when shit gets hard

Sydney 1 literally has 4 hackers every knows they are hackers and that is not including the plebs that go from Zero to Hero in seconds.

every 2-3 hours you’ll have a hacker run around the map fucking shit up.

Community Base Admins need to happen if you cant have admins on the servers - only servers worth being on if your not in a big time clan is offical servers

If you want to play rust – Be prepared to spread your cheeks for anyone that feels like toggling on because nothing will happen to them.

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Moments Later from Posting One of the major hackers got banned from an admin, Despite my Salt just wanted to say

Thank you Facepunch!

Watching the ban wave on twitter makes me happy i just wish it was faster bans but it really depends on ppl pushing the F7 and then reporting but some of the hackers are invisiable

All of the hackers Ive come across have been invisble to f7 while they are toggled,

Ill go back half an hour later and report their name but seems like almost pointless