Ran across cheaters in Experimental Rust for the first time tonight

Played on a “community” server for the first time as the official ones are almost empty and glitched to the point you cant even connect 90% of the time, and found the first cheaters ive seen in Experimental Rust.

Cheats include:

Speed hack

Jump any height/distance

Melee weapons have infinite range

I wish there was some kind of check to see if players are moving in ways they should be (speed, jump height, killing players from rediculous distance with melee) to prevent this… but it’s here and hopefully the devs are paying close attention.

I have no idea about the speedhack/jump hack but as far as I know the netcode is a bit laggy and where hit detection is client side it may look like someone hit you from 15+ feet away but on their screen you may be right next to them.

It was definitely a cheater. Watched the jump/speed hacks and watched him attack from 50+ft away with a hammer that had infinite distance on it. Saw him next soon after I spawned, he jumped up a mountainside to kill me that was too steep an incline to climb and 1shot killed me without any sound. He didn’t have footsteps either.

I was the guy who always said there do not exist hacks for experimental, cause there isn’t any new EAC bypass.
But they do exist, I was wrong. Gladly it’s “only” a paid hack and the subscription is expensive. I won’t link it here.
The free hacks sites won’t support the new Rust anymore, it’s too much effort for them.

I hope the EAC team is aware of the paid hack and works on fixing the security gaps.

I came across one player on a community server about a week ago who could either fly or noclip and move almost too quickly to even see where he went. At first i thought he was just disappearing/gltiching out, but i eventually realized the guy was stalking me, and when i attacked him he zoomed up into the air and then 200m away from me almost instantly. The second i turned my back on him he would zoom in and try to bash me with his rock. He never killed me but wouldn’t let me get away, and there was no way for me to ever outrun him. I ended up just throwing my stuff behind rocks everywhere, suiciding and leaving the server.

Sounds like hackers will be having even more fun in experimental than legacy.

what was your Ping on the server you went too?

At least one or two of the cheat sites have been claiming to have Experimental cracked for a while now. Kind of frustrating. I’m sure EAC is on the case, but I was really hoping the experimental rebuild would include some of the “unreality” checks that were talked about in Legacy, right from the start. Taking away the exploitable client-side code will always beat a game of VAC-a-mole.

Yes there are freakin loser arse cheaters right now in experimental and I seen them first hand in my server while in my base defending. 3 kids came up to my lvl 6 wall and turned it to lvl 4 in less than 30 seconds. Now, to make certain they were cheating, me and 3 other guys went and built a lvl 5 wall and started hitting on it with various tools for 3 minutes and was still lvl 5…

They also caught up and out ran 2 people trying to flee from them.

This needs to be fix fast. One of the many reasons people stopped playing rust in the first place.

I forgot to mention those fools that cheated, you could hear their hatchet hitting like 5 times the speed or a normal hatchet swing.

Should’ve got their names and Screenshots

I did but there were also other names in the screenie that weren’t cheating just friends of mine. But here were the 2 of the 3 names involved:

{SuN} Dr. Jack Gri…
{SuN} SpookyPancake

And the 3 one I will have to get the name from my friend, he wrote it down.

Ping was 120

Hmm that rules out any ping lag. i go to my friends server which is 230+ sometimes 279 i get lag from animals, and i have to shoot according to the lag delay lol

I ran across someone who ran toward me and touched me and I died. Looked like he had a small rock in his hand but could not tell conclusively. There was no sound or animation to his attack. Is this a glitch or could it be the guy was cheating? I assume it’s just a glitch, maybe using a knife but I figured I would bleed out and not be instantly killed by touch.

The netcode is laggy as fuck right now. Just because somebody appears to be in one place, doesn’t mean they actually are. Just because they appear to be moving very fast/teleporting doesn’t mean they are.