Ran into a bump

Hello all, Leaf here.

As of late I’ve been using the popular RP Framework called Nutscript to create a schema.
And I’ve run into a bump.
The bump is I’m not sure how to change the models for factions.
I have the factions set up, for instance I am trying to make a HaloRP. Now, I have the faction setup like so.

– The ‘nice’ name of the faction.
FACTION.name = “UNSC Navy”
– A description used in tooltips in various menus.
FACTION.desc = “Pilots and Officers of the UNSC Navy”
– A color to distinguish factions from others, used for stuff such as
– name color in OOC chat.
FACTION.color = Color(255, 255, 255)
– Models
FACTION.maleModels = { }

FACTION.femaleModels = { }
– FACTION.index is defined when the faction is registered and is just a numeric ID.
– Here, we create a global variable for easier reference to the ID.
– Set it so the faction requires a whitelist.
FACTION.isDefault = false

I would like to use the Sci-Fi citizen’s pack for the Navy models, but I’m not sure how.
A friend of mine set up the Marine models and the string of text looks like this:


How do I find that ^^ for the Sci-fi models or for any model exactly?

Any help would be appriciated. :3

Copy to clipboard from q menu

Extract the .gma and look at the path or copy the path from the Q menu.

Oh no shit? I’ll give it a whirl, thanks guys.

Worked thanks guys.