rand New Server US (1/14/2014) - VERY Active Admins that actually ban hackers - Name: [US] Rust++|Door Share|Sleeper|PvP|1/2 Craft

Hey Guys,

Server Info:
Name: [US] Rust++|Door Share|Sleeper|PvP|1/2 Craft
IP Connect: net.connect
Server Features: Door Share, Sleeper, PvP, 1/2 Craft, 100 player max, Very Active Admins, Events with Prizes, and Airdrops

We have a new server that has a maximum capacity of 100 players. It has doorsharing, half crafting, sleepers and airdrops every few in-game days. There are 4 very active admins that look for hackers and ban them instantly. Admins are also very helpful and look to make the experience better for all players including teaching new players how the game works. The server was created yesterday (1/14/2014) and already has 15-20 people building with about 7-10 people on at any given time as of (1/15/2014). We are hoping to build the player base while maintaining the same oversight from admins for hackers and other violations.

We will also do some events periodically with prizes including:

  1. Rock Death Match
  2. Hunting Bow Match
  3. Matches with the various weapons

I hope you guys join and check it out!