Random 3-5 second freezing on looting just got me killed. It's time to fix this.

Wont go into details about the situation because that doesn’t matter. Pretty much the random lockups when looting just about anything has got to go, please.

i never had that problem

I heard it has something to do with Unity not liking AMD rigs. Having the same problem, idk. Yesterday i even managed whole 15 secs.
8GB ram
HD-6670 2GB

i have amd graphis card i dont feel any freezee lagg :stuck_out_tongue: have you try update all driver? have you try repair cache?

I have a Nvidia and I am getting the same kind of freezes. I play on dev and have been noticing them since Wednesday.

I get a 5 sec freeze when looting each new type of inventoried container and then generally not after that.

AMD Radeon R7 260x video card
Intel i3 processor
Non solid state hard drive
Windows 10 pro 64 bit

I get this every once in awhile as well. I have yet to die from it but it still sucks!

R9 Fury
i5 3570k

It happens, if you interact with something. You found loot? Be sure no one is near you, because if you open it - it… will… freeze.

Same here, I5 with GTX570… I’ve seen enough of this bug! Sometimes it goes out for a whole 20 seconds for me…

Same here, I even made a thread about it too.
i5 3570k, 8gb, 560Ti
No amd in this rig, drivers up to date. The issue was gone for a bit from previous update but then a hotfix brought it back.

This happens to me just running around.

its also happening from shooting a gun right???

Running around, shooting guns, looting anything (hangs once per type of container from what I could see), etc. The “running around” one happens while standing still as well, you just don’t notice it as much… You’ll see it while farming nodes (the notices will stack up and show all at once).

Yeah, pretty much all you said. Experiancing all this bs/

Fixing this should be top priority. You pretty much need to pray for no one to catch you while you’re frozen.

Yeah, can agree this is a new annoyance that needs squashed. Open loot container (body, crate) and it freezes for an excessive amount of time.

Same to all above. Random short freezes of 3-6 seconds.

Intel i5, 10gb, 750ti.

Same as above plus every first hit on a barrel will also freeze for about 3s.

usually when looting, from 5-10 seconds…
somtimes when pressing F1 too

Exact same thing here. Freezes whenever I open ANY container and also sometimes while running around for 5-10 seconds. Sometimes it will just say Rust is not responding and last up to 15 seconds.

AMD Athlon x4 645 3.1ghz
GTX 750 TI
4GB of RAM