Random Addons Start Disabling?

It seems that many of my addons have started being disabled, such as the entire WAC pack and the Insurgency Weapons. What is causing this?

I’m pretty sure nothing can simple disable your addons other than you.
Have you made any recent changes to any configs or added any addons?

if there from the workshop it might just be they have been removed.

WAC hasn’t been removed, same goes for Insurgency. I did go on an addon-adding spree, I remember getting a sound pack for insurgency weps, just not sure about WAC.

Okay, I uninstalled some addons, will test tomorrow because it’s really late…

make sure that addons are not folders inside folders like acf/acf/<addonfiles> also make sure that in the folder there is addon.txt not info.txt

ACF is no problem. It’s mostly workshop things. The only Siminov pack that works is the Firearms Source one. WAC does not work at all. And I have tried re-installing them.

If you’ve added something new, I saw somewhere that too many addons can start disabling features.
I once had too many lua addons, and tools dissapeared.

I wasn’t talking about strictly ACF, i was giving an example of the folder layout.

And I said that it was a Workshop problem.

I guess I’ll cut down some useless addons.

Oh they are workshop addons that changes everything. If you have too many workshop addons shit starts breaking for no good reason.

I’ve cut down the addons, hoping for the best…

EDIT: Tried it out, got some new WAC helicopters, but rotors don’t appear. The game disregards the WAC base and the Insurgency Weps, still.