Random amounts of T's in TTT each round?

Okay so I want to make my TTT server different. So my idea is… I would like to have different amounts of T’s, detectives, and innocents each round. If I go to do that how would I make that happen. Another idea is… I changed the default characters. I have like 8 player models, but how would i make it random to everyone. If there is a way other than the default ttt randomize to make everyone the same and different each round then how would it be?

TTT has a set detective/traitor ratio that you could edit to change every round using math.random( 1, #player.GetAll() ). Honestly, it would be really unbalanced in my opinion, though. I would just stick with the set ratio.

Since the ratio is a fraction you’d simply do this:

RunConsoleCommand( "ttt_traitor_pct", math.Rand( 0, 1 ) )
hook.Add( "TTTEndRound", "randomize_tcount", function()
    RunConsoleCommand( "ttt_traitor_pct", math.Rand( 0, 1 ) )
end )

i agree with code_gs… it would be unbalanced and ruin your server